50 Cent Gets Skinny For All Things Fall Apart

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50 Cent Drastic Weight loss

50 cent buffed outTalented musician, producer and director Curtis James Jackson III, better known as the notorious 50 Cent, has truly shown his devotion for the arts and human endearment through the dramatic weight loss experienced in lure of a tribute role in the feature film “All Things Fall Apart”. In this sports drama our multitalented media superstar not only has written the screenplay but is also responsible for all funding, production and as is evident, he also plays the main role inspired by his late childhood friend, Charles Pringle, who lost the grave battle to cancer. 50 Cent began an extreme lifestyle change during the course of which he lost a frightening 54 pounds during the period of nine weeks.

The rate at which 50 Cent dropped his muscular physique, transforming into a frail, withered body weighing in at 160 pounds, 50 cent gets thinleft the media guessing at first, many even suspected health related issues, only to later be made aware of the dedication held by this multi-faceted performer. The role embodied by our favored rapper made it necessary for this drastic transformation. 50 Cent is adored by fans across the world and his ripped 214 pound physique is spread across everything from billboards to magazines.

The frail shadow of a man that unsurfaced to portray a cancer stricken football star made good use of the visual transformation. The physique of Mr. Jackson, prior to dropping weigh drastically, was closely matching that of a toned football player. The stature held after his extreme diet left him looking, literally, like a suffering cancer patient, outwardly exuding the look of hardship, disease and a troubled future. The disheveled man created through this extreme crash-course to weight loss was exactly what was required by his role as Deon, suffering at the brink of his prime.

 50 Cent A Cancer Patient

50 cent cancerThe huge amount of weight lost during the nine weeks of preparation for “All Things Fall Apart” consisted of a diet of nothing but liquids and exercise. 50 Cent’s choice of exercise was a daily three hour treadmill run. The end result was a tired, overworked, and undernourished actor who, himself, admitted to the toll taken on his morale, energy and temperament. Close friends, as is reflected by the report from DJ Envy, hold his arduous trial in high regard and make reference to 50 Cent’s dedication. His drive for exercise has been highlighted on numerous occasions during and after the transformation process. He would often take to the streets on ten mile runs whilst living on liquids only. Day in and day out for nine weeks he just kept going! The mental strength alone to continue such a regiment is something that not many people possess, and this openly admitted!

The medical implementations of a liquid only diet do not necessarily fore-spell any negative health concerns. A liquid diet, provided adequate nutrients, vitamins and when necessary specialized supplements, can not only result in rapid weight loss, but also a rapid increase in the general overall well-being of your body. This being said, without a sufficient understanding of your required dietary needs, you could cause yourself heart damage, fatigue, dizziness and nausea through attempting the feat conquered by 50 Cent. Those that suffer diabetes or any insulin related conditions should never follow a liquid-only diet, no matter how rapid the onset of weight loss! 50 Cent has truly shown his resolve through this true embodiment of his chosen role. The results are rapid, jaw-dropping and even at times envied by fans looking to cut a few inches off their own waist size. The overall healthy condition of your body, all aspects taken into consideration, should always be your main concern. Extreme situations may call for extreme measures, however you should never put your body in harm’s way, no matter the reward!

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