A New Fad Diet Hitting The Streets

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Fad diets have become popular over recent years and it is quite common for people to hop on these fad diets and also participate in them for a short amount of time. A fad diet is described as being a diet that is popular and trendy at a certain point in time. The diets do not last for a long time and can also cause a person to gain more weight after stopping the diet. They are typically not healthy for you and can do more harm than good.

The latest in fad diets is a new one which is very popular in Britain and starting to gain a lot of recognition in the United States. This diet is called the 5:2 diet or it is also referred to as The Fast Diet. This diet is based on the principle that short bursts of fasting actually help people lose more fat and also cut cholesterol. This in return leads to a lower chance of developing diabetes and also heart disease.

The 5:2 diet works by allowing people to eat whatever foods they like for 5 days out of the week and then fasting for the remaining 2. People for this diet claim that the weight loss is steady and averages about a loss of 1 pound a week for women and men experience a slightly higher rate.

This diet allows people to not feel the constraints of traditional diets which cause people to feel like they are trapped and may not ever be able to eat their favorite foods. Since the spark of this diet, Britain’s National Health Service has decided to look further into the diet and its effects. Studies have shown that bursts of fasting can help to reduce obesity as well.

This diet has become very popular and seems to be grabbing the attention of many people since you are able to eat whatever you like for 5 days out of the week. This is looked at as an incentive for people who hate the idea of dieting and will only have to fast for 2 days. Many people who have followed the diet and stuck to it have seen many results and are very happy that they started it.greasy_foods_3aqil

What is your opinion? Think this is a good idea? A bad idea? Would you do the diet? Leave your comments below.

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