Angelina Jolie trains and Mans Up for Salt

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Angelina Training for Salt

Agnelina Jolie Salt trainingAs one of the most beautiful women in the world, American actress and director Angelina Jolie, has willingly buffed up and more for her role in the action thriller Salt. Not only did she work out to be as rough-looking as she is in the movie but she also went to an extent that compromised her femininity. It only goes to show that her dedication and commitment to the craft is serious, making her deserve all the success she has raked in throughout the years.

She testifies that her beauty transcends gender, indeed. To another extent, even females who claim to be straight when it comes to sexual relations, have expressed their edged admiration for the famed superstar’s form. Known to have undergone extravagant measures for all of her film characters, Jolie has impressed critics and movie-goers alike for what she did for her demanding role in Salt.
In the movie, she is tasked to portray the role of Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent who is accused of plotting with the Russians as an American spy. She is tortured in a North Korean prison and is eventually released as part of a prisoner exchange program. Wondering why she was rewarded with freedom, she sneakily does her own work and acts as her own detective to uncover the truth behind all that she was set up for. In one of the intense, heart-stopping scenes in the film, Jolie needed to transform into a male naval officer. She was victorious, wowing the audience with how realistic her other self can be and how acceptable she can be as a man.
Angelina Training for Salt

Fitness Preparation for the movie Salt

Prompted to be a man in parts of the movie, she willingly coped up with lifestyle changes that would result to her acquiring a sense of masculinity. Religiously, she would work out more hours than she usually did and stuffed herself with protein that would make muscles obvious. It was her personal decision and wasn’t commissioned at all. More time was spent on the gym and on other locations in order for her physique to be honed exactly as she preferred.

In another way, to prepare for the movie, Jolie was reported to have stuck herself on set for rigorous hours, too. Proving to all individuals that her beauty shines through even the most unbelievable disguises, she underwent hours of prosthetics to put on a fake nose, ears and neck, and emerges at the end of it as a stunning male version of herself. Unrecognizable even to partner Brad Pitt and to son Maddox, Jolie says her husband even refused to kiss her due to her seeming like a different person, while Maddox simply did not realize that it was his mother in very convincing male make-up.
Having been a familiar face on the femme fatale heroine front, Jolie has extended a lot on this project. Unlike Tomb Raider, where her over-all sexual appeal is front and center, or in Gia, where her very femininity is the core of the story, Salt was written with a male character in mind, and so the focus is not on the fact that the eponymous character is female, but rather on the side of her that was and is ultimately a spy. The action scenes in this A-level flick are exciting with adrenaline rushes of speed, car chases and helicopter rides, and all of it are built on the premise that Evelyn Salt is a spy racing against time.

With her drive to hand out everything for a movie project, it’s not a surprise why Angelina Jolie is as successful as she is today. Never backing down at any challenge, she rightfully earned what she had and deserves to be even more. You would be lead to a conclusion that she’s one of those who will do everything for her work. It’s admirable that she can allow herself to flex for her career and that’s not even all of it. The thing you could really say about her is that she owns a big heart, always willing to share what she has to everybody out there, not only on the entertainment industry but also to all people, in general.

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