Andrew Garfield Workout for Amazing Spiderman

Andrew Garfield has been tapped to reprise the role of Peter Parker in the upcoming movie Amazing Spiderman, the reboot of the superhero franchise that starred Tobey Maguire nearly a decade ago. The American actor with British lineage was first noticed in the 2010 movie, The Social Network where he played the role of Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin. But many Spiderman fans were turned off when Spiderman producers announced that they were tapping Andrew Garfield for the new film on the iconic superhero.

Instead of sulking, Andrew hit the gym to bulk up and made himself look more convincing as a teenage superhero. He browsed through a list of famous personal trainers to find a trainer who can help him. Andrew bulked up in size and increased his power and training, and the results of his workout will be in full display once Spiderman hits the big screen in the summer of 2012.

Amazing Upper Body

Andrew dedicated five days of his week for his workouts. According to famous personal trainers, five days are enough for someone as young and athletic like Andrew to gain weight and develop muscles. Andrew opens up his typical week by doing strength training for his upper body. He starts off with dumbbell chest press exercise. In this exercise, he lies down on a bench with each hand holding a dumbbell usually weighing 60 pounds each. He bends his elbows and lowers down his arms until the elbows are below the chest. Andrew then brings back the weights into the original position. He does this exercise for 1 to 3 sets of 8 to 16 repetitions.

After this, Andrew continues his workout with the standing dumbbell bicep curls for 1-3 sets with 8 to 16 repetitions. He also does Pec fly with dumbbells and cable lateral pull downs. Resting for a while, Andrew then targets his triceps by doing dips on bench and finishes his upper body workout by doing lateral dumbbell shoulder raises.

Spiderman’s Lower Body

Andrew dedicates his second day of workout for high intensity interval training. The following day, he focuses on his lower body by doing strength training exercises like machine leg press. He also does machine leg extension and machine leg curl. After resting, Andrew performs three sets of lunges with dumbbells. In performing the said exercise, he grasps both dumbbells in the sides and lunges forward with the right leg. He lands on his heel, lowering his body by flexing the knee and hips until the knee is in contact with the ground. He then returns to the original position by extending the knees and hip of the forward leg. For this exercise, Andrew uses dumbbells weighing 40 pounds. Andrew then finishes his lower body workout with standing calf raises using dumbbells.

He then does high intensity interval training for the third day before doing core training exercises on the fourth day. He opens up his fourth day of exercises doing lunge ab twist and back extensions using a stability ball. He also performs abs crunches using a stability ball and ab crunch with toe touch. A variation of ab crunches with legs on a stability ball rounds up his core training exercises. The fifth day is then dedicated to high intensity interval training and Andrew spent his weekends resting and playing his favorite sports.

A Diet to Match

Diet is an integral plan of Andrew’s workout program. Many famous personal trainers note that any workout program won’t work if the individual fails to eat the right types of foods. Andrew stayed away from calories by eating fruits and vegetables and avoiding junk food. He also took protein supplements to aid in his muscle growth and took supplements before working out to preserve muscle mass.

With this workout program, Andrew has successfully firmed up his body and developed the kind of look needed for him to be a convincing superhero.