Brad Pitt – Troy

Brad Pitt Troy Workout and Diet Fitness Regimen

Bio-Shawnee, Oklahoma said hello to actor and film producer, Brad Pitt on December 18,1963. Throughout Pitt’s career he has been nominated for multiple Academy and Golden Globe Awards while winning one. The actor that has landed lead roles in such films as Fight Club and Ocean’s Eleven has also been labeled as one of the world’s most attractive men. Pitt opened the door to his acting career by making a guest appearance on the television shoe Dallas in the late eighties. Since then he has played in hit films like Thelma & Louise, A River Runs Through It, Interview With The Vampire, Legends Of The Fall, Fight Club, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and Troy.

The 2004 epic war movie, Troy directed by Wolfgang Petersen stars Brad Pitt as Achilles and the events surrounding the Trojan War. The hit blockbuster made over 497 million dollars internationally. However, Troy has been labeled as one of the most expensive movies made in modern cinema with a production bill of over 175 million dollars. To transform his physique for the role of the warrior in Troy, Pitt trained for seven months and had a team of professionals that included a personal trainer, strength coach, stretching coach, masseuse and a yoga coach.

The actor went from a light 150-160 pounds in Fight Club and beefed up to a solid 185 pounds in the movie Troy. Brad’s training routine was divided into two phases, a bulking phase and cutting phase. Obviously, his bulking phase focused on packing lean muscle mass on the actor’s body. Once the desired amount of muscle was developed, Brad began the cutting phase to maintain muscle mass while reducing his body fat.

Brad Pitt Troy workout and bulking phase training program consisted of heavy compound or multi-muscle group exercises like bench presses, pull ups, deadlifts, and squats which loaded the actor with lean muscle mass. His repetition range remained low, using a 6 to 12 rep count. Low repetition, heavy weight movements allow for the most muscle-building results possible. During the actor’s bulking phase, cardio was completely taken out of the program to promote weight gain and muscular development. Once the bulking phase concluded, it was time to cut body fat and get lean and defined for the war film. The three-month cutting program included circuit resistance training workouts along with challenging high intensity interval training workouts. Low intensity cardio training was also introduced into Brad’s cutting program to further help with burning the actor’s excess body fat.

In order for Brad to make the astounding 20-pound jump in weight he consumed four meals a day. His diet plan consisted of high amounts of protein and lower carbohydrate amounts. Each meal consisted of at least 30 grams of protein and 20-45 grams of carbohydrates alongside 10 to 15 grams of healthy fats. Food sources like eggs, chicken, tuna, protein shakes, and steak provided the actor with plenty of protein for muscle development. His carbohydrate sources included whole grain breads, brown rice and oats that fueled his body through the grueling workouts. Brad also consumed a variety of fruits and green vegetables that provided energy. To further enhance his success, Brad quit smoking, drinking and eating junk food during the training, which in my opinion greatly increased his results

20 Plus pounds With the Brad Pitt Troy Workout

Pitt continued to live up to his attractive-male reputation in the movie Troy. The successful actor packed on an amazing 20 plus pounds of lean muscle in seven months. It’s no doubt that the key to Brad’s success was the split focus of his training. Many people too often make the mistake of trying to achieve too many goals at once. Pitt’s training was designed intelligently and focused on one aspect at a time, the bulking phase and the cutting phase. Anyone who wishes to pack on lean muscle and cut fat like brad pitt in troy workout should follow this same routine for their success.