Cuba Gooding Jr – Jerry Maguire

Cuba Gooding Jr Workout Diet & Training, Jerry Maguire

Bio-Cuba Gooding Jr. was born on January 2, 1968 in New York City. The American born actor is widely known for his Academy Award winning role in Cameron Crowe’s flick, Jerry Maguire and his critically renowned performance in John Singleton’s 1991 movie Boyz In The Hood. Cuba’s first entertaining job came as a breakdancer when he performed alongside Lionel Richie at the final ceremonies of the 1984 summer Olympics held in Los Angeles. Gooding’s debut role in a major budget film came in the 1991 hit, Boyz In The Hood as he played the character Tre Styles.

Cuba backed that success with other major roles in movies like A Few Good Men, Lightning Jack, Daybreak, Men Of Honor, Rat Race, and The Fighting Temptations. In 1996 he landed the role of a cocky football player facing a career killing injury in Jerry Maguire . The film was a huge success and earned the actor an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor opposite Tom Cruise. In 1997 he landed a popular supporting role in As Good As It Gets. The following years of acting for Cuba became inconsistently successful, according to critics.

The 1996 American romantic comedy drama Jerry Maguire was written, co-produced and directed by Cameron Crowe. The movie received positive reviews from critics and on a 50 million dollar budget the flick took in more than 270 million dollars in the international box offices. The movie depicts Cuba Gooding Jr. as Rod Tidwell, a professional football player with a confident attitude that faces a career ending injury. To beef up his body for the football star role, Cuba hit the weights and blasted through intense interval training sessions. When the actor hit the big screen he definitely reached his goal by looking just like a real NFL football pro.

Cuba Gooding Jr Workout Training Routine

Cuba reached his muscle bulking and body fat reducing goals by incorporating heavy resistance training with intense interval cardio training sessions. For his resistance training, the actor used lower repetitions and heavy weight loads using multi-joint movements like chest presses, squats and deadlifts. These types of exercises allow for greater muscle building results. The actor also used intense cardio interval training workouts to burn off his excess body fat. Interval training uses brief periods of high and low intensity exercise to stimulate a metabolism-raising response in the body for hours after the workout is over. This greatly increase Cuba’s fat burning success while preserving his lean muscle mass.

Cuba Gooding Jr (Rod Tidwell) Diet Nutrition Regimen

Gooding’s Jerry Maguire training diet was basically a balanced eating plan rich in protein, complex carbohydrates and hearty healthy monounsaturated fats. His lean protein choices came from chicken, turkey and fish and assisted him in building lean muscle mass. To fuel the actor’s body throughout the training he consumed complex carbohydrates that provided a steady release of energy. These food selections came from brown rice, sweet potatoes, and green vegetables. Cuba’s eating schedule called for frequent meals that were spread out every two to three hours to sustain a fast metabolism. This eating schedule also provided a consistent supply of nutrients and energy so that an anabolic, muscle-gaining state is achieved in the body. Gooding also drank water at each meal to ensure proper hydration throughout his training.

Show Me The Money, I’ll Show You The Muscle

The common myth most people make when attempting to build lean muscle and lose body fat amounts is that they try to achieve both goals at the same time. Almost everyone who makes this mistake ends up getting nowhere fast. Instead both goals should be split apart and achieved separately. Typically a muscle bulking phase comes first where you pack on as much lean muscle mass as possible then following that up with a fat cutting phase while preserving lean muscle. It’s no doubt Cuba did it correctly as the Jerry Maguire star looked fantastic in his football player role.