Denzel Washington – The Hurricane

Denzel Washington Workout and Diet for The Hurricane

Bio-Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. was born on December 28, 1954 in Mount Vernon, which is located close to New York City. Denzel’s career duties have included being an actor, screenwriter, director and film producer. Washington made his big-time acting debut on the television medical drama, St. Elsewhere as Dr. Phillip Chandler. Washington played this role for six years. The 1990’s brought the actor huge celebrity status as he played real life figures like Steve Biko, Malcolm X, Frank Lucas and Herman Boone. Over the course of Denzel’s career, he has been awarded with two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards and one Tony Award. Perhaps the most notable awards are his best supporting actor for Glory in 1989 and the Academy award for best actor in 2001 for his part in the movie, Training Day.

The 1999 boxing film, The Hurricane, directed by Norman Jewison depicts Washington as Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, a middleweight boxer who spends 20 years in prison for a triple murder conviction. The boxing flick took in over 50 million dollars at the box offices worldwide. To prepare for the role of the boxer, Denzel had to shave 40 pounds to look more like an athletic boxer and have defined abdominal muscles. Washington turned to boxing trainer, Terry Claybon who whipped the actor into shape using a variety of training methods. The two started 16 months before filming began. The Hurricane director, Norman Jewison reported that when Denzel took off his boxing robe in the film, viewers all gasped in unison at the sight of his chiseled physique.

Denzel’s 16 month training included a 5 day a week boxing workout program with trainer Terry Claybon, which helped to lower then actor’s body fat percentage and maintain lean muscle mass. In addition to the rigorous boxing workouts, the actor hit the weights and performed cardio exercises 5 days a week to develop more muscle mass and reduce his body fat to a decent fighting shape. What’s astounding is the actor took on four a day workouts throughout the entire 16 months of training. The heavy frequency allowed the actor to dramatically slim down and shock audiences everywhere in the boxing film.

Like most other celebrity actors, Denzel took on a diet rich in protein and clean carbohydrates. Protein sources like chicken, turkey and fish allowed the actor to pack on lean muscle, which also helps to burn body fat. Complex carbohydrates like brown rice and whole grains provided Denzel with plenty of energy for the intense training schedule. A large amount of calories were consumed so that the actor could keep his energy levels up during the intense four a day workouts. Washington consumed six to seven smaller meals throughout the day to constantly supply him with nutrients. While the exact calorie amount is not reported, my educated guess is that the actor had to double his normal amount of calories to sustain the intense workout frequency.

It’s no doubt that Denzel looked amazing on the big screen, but what’s more amazing is the amount of studying the actor did on the real life boxer he portrayed. Denzel studied the boxer’s mannerisms and body movements so that he could accurately mimic the boxer in the movie. One thing to note is that Washington’s training schedule could be classified as intense. Beginning exercisers should not try to perform four a day workouts in the beginning of a training program for sure. The heavy workout frequency takes extreme mental toughness and will power to be able to sustain the program for 16 months. It really shows the actor’s dedication towards his movie roles.