Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Workout Routine for Fast Five

Bio-Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a former college football star and wrestling icon before being lured by the bright lights of Hollywood. The wrestler-turned-actor is best remembered for his roles in hits like “The Mummy Returns,” “The Mummy Returns,” and “The Game Plan.” In the movie “Fast Five,” Johnson bulked up for his role as federal agent Luke Hobbs. He followed a workout plan that was recommended by his celebrity fitness trainer. Johnson has always been a gym rat since his college days at the University of Miami. His workout plan for “Fast Five” has shown incredible results making the man formerly known as the ‘most electrifying man in wrestling’ sexier and more intimidating on the big screen.

Shoulder Exercises

Johnson is known for his ripped shoulders. The man is built like a truck with his muscular shoulders. Johnson shares that he was able to develop his shoulders through a combination of exercises such as seated military press. He would normally begin with weights of up to 150 pounds and do three sets of 21 repetitions. Johnson follows this with dumbbell lateral raises of three sets and eight repetitions. He then works on his anterior deltoid by performing three sets and eight repetitions of dumbbell front raises. Focusing on the rear delts, Johnson then performs five sets of rear-delt cable raise with varying repetitions. He then finishes his shoulder exercises by doing five sets of hammer strength machine shrug and four sets of four way neck machine.

Back Exercises

Johnson also did a lot of exercises targeting the back to bulk up for the movie. He shares that he would his workout routine for the back included five sets of wide grip cable pull down. He starts this routine by doing 12 repetitions and increases the weight from 120 pounds up to a staggering 240 pounds. He then takes a short rest before doing the close-grip cable pull down with similar repetitions and sets. He says that according to his celebrity fitness trainer, varying the angles of the workout made Johnson work out different muscles of the back. Johnson also performs the one-arm row machine with 12 repetitions and four sets, lifting weights of 270 pounds. He finishes his back workout with a back extension exercise of 15 repetitions in four sets.

Powerful Arms

Johnson boasts of powerful arms that make him look more imposing in the movie. Even before he joined the movies, Johnson has always relied on his arms to perform various wrestling moves like power slams inside the wrestling ring. But his workout for “Fast Five” helped him further grow his arms that many of his old fans say Johnson looks more fantastic these days compared to his wrestling stint.

In targeting his arm muscles, Johnson starts off with five sets of alternating dumbbell curl. He begins with dumbbells weighing 30 pounds and finishes with 70-pound dumbbells. The repetitions start with 12 until it gradually increases to 21. He then uses the preacher machine to perform six sets of curls with repetitions gradually increasing from 12 to 21 repetitions. The weights are increased from 50 pounds to 100 pounds. Johnson follows this with five sets of cable press down with weights of up to 120 pounds and 21 repetitions. He also does four sets of overhead cable repetition and two sets of one-arm reverse grip press down.

The Dwayne Diet

As any celebrity fitness trainer would say, these workouts would not yield the desired goals if Johnson didn’t take a close look at his diet. Johnson has never believed in a strict diet, allowing himself to have a ‘cheat day’ wherein he can eat doughnuts and pizza. On a regular day, however, he prioritizes a diet high on protein and low on fat. He also drops his carbohydrate intake in the afternoon and evening. Water intake is also important to the actor, consuming at least two gallons a day.