Gerard Butler – 300

Gerard Butler Workout Diet and Training for 300

Bio-Gerard Butler was born on November 13, 1969 in Paisley, Scotland. The Scottish actor’s career has entailed roles on film, stage and television. Before acting, Butler was a lawyer however that ended in the mid 1990’s when he landed a small role in the James Bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies. Gerard followed that performance with constant work on television, with his most popular role in the miniseries, Attila in 2001. The actor received critical acclaim for his career-boosting role in the 2004 Joel Schumacher film, The Phantom Of The Opera. The one big screen performance that perhaps was his most notable came from his work as King Leonidas in the film 300. Since his hit 300 role, Gerard has gone on to appear in films like P.S. I Love You, Nim’s Island, RocknRolla, The Ugly Truth, Gamer, Law Abiding Citizen, and The Bounty Hunter.

The 2007 U.S. fantasy action flick based on the 1998 comic series revolves around Butler’s character, King Leonidas who leads 300 spartans into war with the Persian army of more than one million soldiers. The hit blockbuster film was produced on a 65 million dollar budget and brought in over 456 million dollars in the box offices around the globe. To prepare for the role of the chiseled King, Butler turned to celebrity personal trainer, Mark Twight. Mark came to Butler with unshakable beliefs of training as if your life depended on it. This belief system molded Gerard into the lean and chiseled character that you saw on the big screen.

Gerard Butler 300 Spartan workout routine

With the pushing from his trainer Mark Twight, Butler performed a 300 rep Spartan workout, which his trainer designed. The three month long training program used no rest periods in between exercises and combined:

25 Pull-ups
50 Deadlifts using 135 pounds
50 Push-ups
50 24” box jumps
50 Floor Wipers
50 Single Arm Clean and Presses with a 35 pound kettle bell
25 Pull-Ups

As if that exercise lineup wasn’t enough, the actor also did tire flipping exercises and gymnastic ring training sessions. Just five weeks before filming for the movie began, Gerard turned to Venezuelan bodybuilder, Franco LiCastro to create even more physique shaping results. Butler noted that he really wanted to look strong for this role. The 300 actor’s crazy intense training schedule of working with Mark Twight, then going to LiCastro on top of hours of sword fighting

training led to the six foot, two inch actor’s body experience undue pain. The amazing training program led to overtraining syndrome. This is when the body cannot keep up with the recovery process due to the continuous intense training stress. Obviously, this particular training schedule is not recommended for the average exerciser.

The Spartan 300 Workout is Not for Beginners

To help lean out and shape Gerard’s physique, he took part in a calorie-restricted diet that included 30 percent of protein for muscular development, 40 percent complex carbohydrates for energy, and 30 percent of healthy fats. Butler consumed five to six meals a day to provide a steady supply of energy and nutrients to his body. His food selections included chicken, fish, beef and various nuts for protein, sweet potatoes, brown rice and vegetables for carbohydrates and monounsaturated fats from a variety of meats and dairy choices. In addition to eating foods, the actor constantly drank water to keep his body fully hydrated during his long training days.

There’s no doubt that the 300 actor looked impressive on screen. However, Butler’s over the top training schedule proves and warns people about the pitfalls of excessive training symptoms. The actor admits that during training he suffered multiple injuries that included rotator cuff ailments, intense joint pain among other overtraining symptoms. His experience proves that a consistent, well thought out, and realistic physical fitness approach almost always works best in the long run.