Hugh Jackman – X-men, Wolverine

Hugh Jackman Workout for Wolverine X-men

Bio-New South Wales, Australia said hello to newborn and future actor Hugh Michael Jackman on October 12, 1968.  Jackman’s celebrity career has entailed being an actor and producer, and various television and theatre roles. The 6 foot three inch tall actor has received numerous international awards throughout his career. Jackman is best known for his part in the X-Men movies where he plays Wolverine. Other popular acting parts included leads in Kate & Leopold, The Prestige, Van Helsing and Australia. His other awards include a Tony Award for his part in The Boy From Oz. Females everywhere have grown fond of the Aussie actor, in fact Open Salon and People Magazine voted him the sexiest man alive in November 2008.

Perhaps Hugh’s biggest role came from his part in X-Men, the 2000 superhero movie that was based off of the Marvel Comic book series. Jackman plays wolverine in the movie that takes viewers into the lives of the mutated superhero family. The action blockbuster took in over 296 million dollars in the box offices while only spending 75 million in production. Jackman began to prepare for his Wolverine role by hiring personal trainer, Mike Ryan who was responsible for the Hugh jackman workout training and diet program.

It was tough to say the least because Ryan had to train him around his crazy filming schedule. Mike and Hugh trained at dawn, which suited personal trainer Mike Ryan. Mike’s philosophy is that you naturally train with more intensity in the morning compared to the afternoon. The duo entered the gym at 4am each day to get Jackman cut, lean and muscular. Hugh noted that there were points in the training where he was totally delirious from the ridiculous film and training schedule.

The Aussie actor trained for five months to prepare for the X-Men part. Each workout lasted about 90 minutes in the wee hours of the morning. Ryan always led Jackman into a 10-minute cardio warm up before every weight training session. Hugh performed big compound bodybuilding lifts to increase his lean muscle mass. Exercises like deadlifts, squats, and bench presses were used to bulk the actor up.

Personal trainer Mike Ryan also alternating every component of the training like the tempo of the lift, training angles, rest periods and workout durations to prevent hitting plateaus. The training schedule split the muscles groups apart and would pair muscle groups like chest and triceps or back and biceps another day. Hugh also performed superset exercises to increase his training intensity. A 20-minute cardio workout always concluded Hugh’s resistance training session to burn fat. The Wolverine actor put on close to 20 pounds of lean muscle in the five-month period, which enabled him to look fierce and strong like his role required.

To pack on the lean muscle while reducing the actor’s body fat percentage, Ryan put Hugh on a diet that consisted of unprocessed protein sources along with protein supplements to ensure proper muscle development. The actor consumed six or seven smaller meals a day to maintain a fast metabolism and provide him with plenty of energy and nutrients. Hugh’s typical diet schedule looked like this:

5:00am– Assorted nuts and berry combination
6:00-7:00 am- Protein Supplementation
8:00am– Protein Bar
10:00am- Turkey stir-fry with spinach, broccoli, mushrooms and cauliflower
1:00pm- Rosemary chicken with sugar snap peas and asparagus
4:00pm- Trail Mix with walnuts
6:00pm- Tuna Steak with broccoli or other green vegetables
10:00pm- Protein Shake

Do note that this was simply one example day in the actor’s diet during the training program. A variety of foods were consumed to assist in the dramatic body transformation.

The Hugh Jackman Workout Transformation is Impressive

Hugh Jackman’s physique change for the role of wolverine is perhaps one of the most dramatic Hollywood training transformations of all time. Hugh made television shows and magazines everywhere with his chiseled and defined body. In my opinion, the most important component in the star’s success was the ever-changing details in his workouts. Small adjustments like speed of movement, body angles, and rest durations kept the actor’s body always guessing, which produced massive results. Everyone who wishes to see results on a similiar Hugh Jackman workout routine needs to take heed to this point. Performing the same exercises exactly the same way causes plateaus in anyone’s progress.