Jake Gyllenhaal – Prince of Persia

 Jake Gyllenhaal Workout and diet for Prince of Persia

Bio-Jake Gyllenhaal was born on December 19,1980 in Los Angeles. Jake’s took to the screen in 1999 when he landed a role in October Sky. Gyllenhaal followed that feat in 2001 when he played the lead role in Donnie Darko, the indie cult hit depicting Jake as a troubled teen. Jake increased his celebrity status in 2004 when he played the lead in the sci-fi film, The Day After Tomorrow. A year later Jake starred in Jarhead, a U.S. Marine based movie. The actor also won the Academy Award for best supporting actor for his efforts in the movie Brokeback Mountain.

Gyllenhaal plays Prince Dastan in the 2010 action film that was directed by Mike Newell. The sword cladded action hit smashed cinema records with an impressive 335 million plus revenue total worldwide. To meet the physical and appearance requirements of his role as Prince Dastan, Jake sought as celebrity personal trainer, Simon Waterson. Simon is a former Royal Marine and has a long list of celebrities that he has whipped into shape that include Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. Jake’s trainer explained that the intense training regimen required lots of mental and physical stamina. He goes on to further explain that the average person might not be as successful as the actor was at enduring such a rigorous program. Waterson reported that during parts of the training, the actor showed signs of cracking and weakness.

Prince of Persia workout training

Jake’s intense four-month training program started off with an early morning run around a park and in sand while wearing a 20-pound weighted vest which simulated the filming scenarios that he would face during production. After the grueling run came the first of two daily weight-training workouts. Following the weights came an intense sword fight-training bout. If that wasn’t enough punishment for the day, the actor pressed on for the second weight training workout session of the day. Simon Waterson, Jake’s personal trainer stayed by his side 24/7 to ensure he worked out when he was supposed to took care of his dietary and recovery needs. Waterson admitted that the Prince of Persia actor remained totally committed throughout the Jake Gyllenhaal Workout training program and was extremely proud of him.

Jake transformed his body with a diet plan that called for five to six meals a day that contained loads of protein, electrolytes and carbohydrates. Below is an example of Jake’s typical day of eating:

Pre-workout snack: Banana with a handful of nuts and an espresso for caffeine

Breakfast: Egg white omelet and a protein shake.

Lunch: Baked potato with tuna and a salad with green vegetables

Dinner: Soup with protein shake

Daily Snacks: Fruits, Yogurt

Jake also consumed plenty of water throughout his day to remain well hydrated. The frequent high protein meal schedule allowed Gyllenhall to pack on a lot of lean muscle mass and look stunning on screen in his role in Prince of Persia. His personal trainer made sure every meal was consumed with the correct portion sizes for maximum success.

Although Jake created a massive celebrity fitness body transformation, even his personal trainer suggested that anyone who wished to achieve similar results should use a less intense method. Due to the short amount of time to get ready for filming of only four months, Jake’s trainer really had to turn the dial up on his training. The heavy training schedule of weights, cardio, and sword training would probably cause many folks to give up too easily. If you want to look like Jake in the Prince of Persia movie, allow for more time for yourself to achieve your goals to ensure that you reach them with success.