Liam Hemsworth Workout for Hunger Games

Prior to his role as Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games, Liam Hemsworth was more known as the little brother of another famous actor Chris Hemsworth of the Thor movie. Come The Hunger Games, Liam Hemsworth has made his way into the hearts of many moviegoers, particularly the young girls. While the main characters of the movie seemed to exhibit a buff stature, the case is different for Liam. His gym workout plans aimed for him to lose weight but still have enough strength to do all the stunts. The look for his character was athletic but not buff.

In the Hunger Games trilogy, Gale Hawthorne makes hunting his means to survive and provide for his family. He lived in District 2 which represented the impoverished area in the movie. As such, Liam needed to look like he did not have the luxury of food. His gym workout plan needed him to be toned without having to gain weight. At the end of about 120 days of training, Liam had already lost 15 pounds but has achieved a ripped body which is just perfect for the character of Gale Hawthorne.

Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight was not exactly part of the training process. Liam took it upon himself to get into the character by knowing what it feels like to eat less. He has since started eating one meal a day, which continued on during filming. In addition to getting the toned physique needed for the movie, Liam had to feel lighter in order to perform the strenuous stunts that his character requires. To aid in his weight loss, he was also put in a low carbohydrate diet which limited his caloric intake. In addition, Liam also took the initiative to be in a strict and restricted diet. He needed to eat the right kind of stuff but still avoid gaining weight for the movie.

Strength Training

The Hunger Games was a physically demanding movie for its characters. As such, training for Liam consisted of 5-6 days of intense gym workout plans to build his stamina. During his strength training, his trainer made him perform power lifts and weight-lifting to develop his strength. The objective was to keep Liam in perfect shape, able to withstand the physical demands of his role. While his character did not perform very many physical activities, Liam still had to project a physical appearance that is somewhat deprived of food as he is a hunter who needed to hunt for food everyday and provide for his family. He body needed to adapt to the surroundings of the movie while at the same time staying in character; thus, his look was athletic but not buff.

Stunt Training for Hunger Games

The set of Hunger Games was made to recreate a jungle, a post-apocalyptic world where everyone has to fight for his life against nature and humans alike. To prepare for the role as Gale Hawthorne, Liam needed to learn archery skills and other stunts such as climbing trees and rappelling. His weeklong gym workout plans included training to perfect these stunts and be able to work around the elaborate set for the movie. Liam was able to exercise strict discipline all throughout the training and the shooting of the movie with his low food intake but intense training.

To date, the Hunger Games is considered as one of the box-office movies as of yet this 2012. With the movie just one-third of a trilogy, fans and moviegoers can expect more heart-stopping stunts for its main characters. The movie has made instant superstars among its lead cast. However, credit is not only due to the movie but also to the dedication and commitment of its stars, like Liam. He took a bold step of getting into the character by literally eating less than normal, but training extremely harder than the rest.