Mickey Rourke – The Wrestler

Mickey Rourke Workout Program for The wrestler

Bio-Phillip Andre “Mickey” Rourke Jr. made his entrance to the world on September 16, 1952 in Schenectady, New York. Rourke’s career led him to be a screenwriter, actor, and professional boxer. Mickey gained stardom in the 1980’s with such films as Diner, Rumble Fish, Barfly and Angel Heart.

The American actor took a break from movies in the 1990’s to become a professional boxer. When he finally hung up the boxing gloves he went on to star in films that included The Rainmaker, Buffalo ’66, The Pledge, Once Upon A Time In Mexico and Man On Fire. Later on in 2005, Rourke took the lead role in the movie Sin City. His athletic past prepared him for the 2009 leading part in The Wrestler.

The Wrestler, written by Robert Siegel, was filmed in 2008 but was released in the United States in January 2009. The wrestling film took in over $44 million dollars worldwide and was ranked 16th in the box office rankings. In the movie Mickey plays Randy “The Ram” Robinson, a maturing wrestler who has reached the end of his career yet still tries to hang on despite his declining health and physical condition.

Mickey’s previous stint as a professional boxer helped him prepare for the role, however the actor had to pack on 30 pounds of muscle before it was time to shoot the flick. Rourke sought out the help from an Israeli ex-army commando trainer to push him and take no excuses during the rigorous training program. Rourke specifically wanted someone that wasn’t intimidated by his celebrity status and wouldn’t allow him to skip workouts. The workouts consisted of multiple training sessions a day that consisted of cardio, weight training and wrestling practice. The grueling regimen lasted over a seven-month period.

With the help from his hard-nosed Israeli trainer, Rourke started off his training days with a two-mile beach run followed by a couple hours of sleep. Upon waking, the duo went on to a weight training session using heavy weights and low repetitions for 90 minutes and then the actor restored his energy levels with lunch. An hour or so after lunch, Mickey performed another cardio session for 45 minutes.

The evenings brought on another intense weight training session, which followed by a taxing two-hour wrestling practice session. This demanding workout schedule went on for seven months. During the extraordinary workout routine, Mickey suffered a severe neck injury, an ACL injury and ruptured a disk in his back. This would perhaps spell the end of training for most others but the tough actor remedied the situation with just two-hour massages five days a week. Talk about mental toughness!

Almost 45 pound muscle gain with the Mickey Rourke Workout

At the end of the seven-month stretch Mickey went from weighing 192 pounds to an astounding 235 pounds of solid, lean muscle. He was now ready to hit the big screen to play the lead wrestler role.

To make the staggering 30-pound jump Mickey consumed six to seven meals a day. The actor stuck to a high protein, low carbohydrate diet while using a variety of supplements. Rourke began the day with 12 egg whites and later consumed chicken breast, steaks, green vegetables and rice all day long. Other foods in his diet included large protein shakes with peanut butter in the evening and a variety of fruit selections.

The actor’s training activity level coupled with the large goal of making the 30-pound jump required gigantic amounts of calories each day.
In addition to his diet program, Mickey consumed double the amount of amino acids he previously took in along with B-12 shots that were administered three times a week to allow his body to last throughout the high intensity training program.

A lot like boxers, wrestling athletes have to display mental toughness and not allow pain to get in the way of achieving goals. Perhaps Mickey’s past experiences in professional boxing helped him to push through the rigorous workout program despite all of his injuries he sustained during the training. It’s easy to say that this type of workout schedule could be classified as extreme. People who wish to follow the Mickey Rourke workout training should understand that your body requires large amounts of healthy calories along with proper rest and recovery. Anyone that begins this type of program should employ the help of a professional trainer to ensure your safety and effectiveness.