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Robert Downey Jr Workout – Iron man

Bio-Robert Downey Jr., the son of famous actor by the same name was born on April 4th, 1965 in Manhattan, New York. The New York native gained widespread popularity by starring in earlier films like The Brat Pack, and Less Than Zero. He later on went to play roles in Chaplin, Soapdish, Natural Born Killers and who could forget his presence in the TV series Ally Mcbeal.
Downey’s career took a periodic dive due to his numerous drug arrests during 1996-2001. After a couple of rehab stints, the actor successfully regained his sobriety and launched his career once again. Escaping the clutches of drug addiction set the stage for one of his most successful movie roles ever, the 2008 action movie Iron Man.

The Iron Man movie is based on the old Marvel Comic where Tony Stark, a genius engineer and CEO of Stark Industries builds an outer body suit that transforms him into Iron Man. The tech CEO previously built weapons for the United States and after a visit to a warzone, his powers as Iron Man were needed to defeat the American’s adversaries.

The action smash hit grossed over $98 million dollars in the opening weekend in just the United States and Canada alone, giving the film number one ranking at the box office. To prepare for the movie, Robert needed to get lean and defined while building strength, agility and endurance to be able to carry the 40-pound Iron Man suit during the long hours of filming.

Although Downey was motivated to take on the fitness task of transforming his body for the film, he hired the assistance of fitness professional Brad Bose to help develop the Rober Downey Jr workout. Bose determined that Robert needed a five day a week weight training program followed with an intense and strenuous martial arts workout to increase flexibility and agility. The martial arts training also helped to increase the actor’s stamina to carry the heavy iron-clad body armor and to sharpen his focus.

With the professional assistance from Bose and Downey’s own mental toughness and will power, the actor put on more than 20 pounds of lean muscle while decreasing his body fat percentage over the five month training period. It’s no doubt that the New York based actor was successful in transforming his body, everyone who saw the action flick immediately wanted to know how he got into such amazing shape.

Robert’s fitness trainer, Brad Bose designed a mixed bag of training style to create the ultimate goal of leaning and defining Downey while improving his stamina, strength and agility. The Iron Man actor also turned to a creatine supplement produced in Sweden to help maximize his energy, recovery and strength during the training for maximum results.

Bose pushed Robert through weight training workouts five days a week to increase his strength and build a moderate amount of lean muscle. Brad also implemented a rigorous martial arts training program. Other unique training tools were put into place to help develop Downey’s fitness level. Robert went to Anatomi Gym in Santa Monica, California to workout on the Jacob’s ladder. This machine is best described as a rolling ladder that worked the actors entire body to elevate his heart rate for fat burning. The trainer also implemented the Vortex machine, a multi-angle resistance machine used for various exercises.

Robert Downey Jr workout & Diet – Ironman

Perhaps the most unique training tool was the pineapple, a cross between a bosu ball and a vibration plate that worked Robert’s lower body and engaged his core for stability and strength. At the conclusion of the five-month routine, he was now ready to hit the big screen as Iron Man, which thrilled viewers worldwide.

It was more than exercise that helped Robert make such a phenomenal body transformation. The actor was put on a high protein diet program where he consumed around 2,500 to 3,200 calories a day. His protein came from clean protein sources like chicken, and beef while also consuming a variety of whole grains and vegetables to fuel his body during the training period.

His meals were spread out during the day into smaller meals that were spaced out every three hours. This meal schedule allowed the actor to keep his nutrient and energy levels high all day long in addition to maintaining a fast metabolism. His beverages included green tea and coffee for enhanced energy and lots of water to keep the actor’s body well hydrated.

Robert Downey Jr. is a true testament for getting a second chance on life and working hard to achieve your goals. The actor went from drug addiction to a chiseled action hero superstar that was the envy of many men around the world. His professionally designed training program also proves that it takes a multitude of training styles to achieve overall fitness. For anyone who desires to get into Iron Man shape, due note that you need to alternate your training routine with a variety of training styles and allow for a few months to achieve dramatic results on the Robert Downey Jr workout.