Russel Crowe – Gladiator

Russell Crowe Gladiator Workout and Diet Regimen

Bio-Russell Ira Crowe greeted the world on April 7, 1964 in New Zealand. The actor and musician began his career in the late 1980’s with parts in the Australian television series Police Rescue and Neighbors. Crowe’s Australian fame exploded in the early 90’s when he won the Australian Film Industry Award for best actor for his role in the movie Romper Stomper. Later on in the 1990’s, the actor took to the American screens with a debut role in L.A. confidential. In 2001 Crowe won the Academy Award for best actor in the movie Gladiator as well as three other Academy nominations. The actor’s other famous films include The Insider and A Beautiful Mind.

The 2000 epic movie, Gladiator directed by Ridley Scott depicts Crowe as Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius. His character works through the gladiator ranks to avenge the murders of his family. The smash hit took in over 457 million in worldwide box offices. Russell needed to get into top physical shape to endure the numerous fighting scenes that had the actor swinging a 40-pound sword and maneuvering his body in various positions. To meet the requirements for the role, Crowe performed a variety of training methods that included boxing, fighting drills, cardio training and weight workouts.

Russell got into shape for the Gladiator movie by performing a huge variety of training methods that all helped the actor shave off the 35 pounds that he packed on while filming Body Of Lies. His training program included long distance cycling, intense boxing workouts and fighting drills in addition to hitting the weights to pack on lean muscle mass. Russell devoted one hour a day to get into fighting shape for his role.

Russell tested numerous diet methods like meal replacements so that he could achieve that lean and fierce gladiator look but his success came from going back to basics for the Russell Crowe Gladiator Workout. The Gladiator actor consumed six to eight small meals a day that consisted of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and good, heart healthy monounsaturated fats.

The frequent eating schedule allowed Crowe to turbo-boost his metabolism for maximum fat burning. Russell chose high fiber fruits and vegetables to help eliminate his excess body fat. The actor also consumed protein supplements to assist him in reaching the daily protein requirements. The typical amount of protein one needs to consume daily to burn fat and gain lean muscle is around 1 gram per pound of body weight. The increased protein helped to develop lean muscle mass and ignite fat from his body. The actor also drank a gallon of water a day to maintain hydration levels. It’s no doubt that his diet helped him gain a lean and fierce gladiator physique.

Throughout the years, the New Zealand born actor has had his share of weight ups and downs. Just before filming the Gladiator movie he packed on 35 pounds for the role in Body Of Lies. After the 2000 Gladiator film, Crowe began to put on even more weight. This proves that people need to think about the long term with any exercise and weight loss program. Although the intense training that Crowe underwent proved to be successful, a well-balanced workout routine needs to be put into action and sustained for life. All too often people go on a yo-yo cycle of weight gain and loss, often caused by starting and stopping workout routines for a variety of reasons. The common reason that makes most folks quit a routine is the excessive intensity of a training program. Slow and gradual progression almost always proves to be more successful than crash diets and quick weight loss training programs.