Taylor Lautner – New Moon

Taylor Lautner Workout and Diet for Twilight: New Moon

Jacob Black: The Twilight Makeover! “Here’s to responsibility. Twice a week.” Jacob Black, New Moon, Chapter 7, p. 164.–It probably took Taylor Lautner a little bit more than just twice a week of commitment to prepare for his part of Jacob Black in Twilight: New Moon. For a while, the country couldn’t get over the fact that this scrawny 5’10’’, 140-pound kid had actually gained 30 pounds and went through a full-body makeover for the films Twilight and New Moon. His transformation was fueled by his eagerness to keep his role when he was facing being replaced for New Moon. With just nine months left for his transformation, he did everything he could to gain weight, get ripped and be ready to keep his role.

Taylor was born in February 11th, 1992 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Though Taylor wasn’t always ripped, he was pretty active in sports. He studied martial arts ever since the age of six and won three Junior World Championships. Besides martial arts and acting, Taylor also danced in a hip-hop dancing group, LA Hip Kids and danced in a Jazz dance group, Hot Shots. Some of his other acting roles on television were in My Wife and Kids, The Bernie Mac Show and Summer Land. His filmography includes movies like Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and doing voiceovers for What’s New Scooby Doo and Danny Phantom.

In Twilight, Taylor’s character, Jacob Black, is an old Swan family friend who tells Bella stories that lead Bella into believing that Edward is a vampire. Bella actually ends up developing feelings for him and he also begins to like her too. Later on in New Moon, Jacob helps Bella pull herself out of a deep and long depression over because Edward has left, and Jacob’s small crush for Bella turns into love for her. His character is pretty interesting because he has the ability to turn into a wolf! In order to fulfill that muscular, wolf-like role, Taylor had to change his diet and put on a quite a few pounds of weight.

“[I was] doubling the amount of calorie intake I had before, which was just really tough, eating every two hours,” he stated. “It was the hardest part for sure.” In order to gain the amount of weight he need, he would usually have large meals. For example, for breakfast Taylor would have six egg whites, toast and bacon.

With the help of his personal trainer, Jordan Yuam, Taylor made sure he stayed consistent with his intense workout plan which included going to the gym four to five days a week. Since he already had a pretty good background in martial arts, it made it a little bit easier for him to gain the weight in just a short amount of time. He would lift weights that were 40% more than what he could normally lift ten times.  He was able to develop such great abs because of his core was already pretty solid from all of the martial arts he did in the past. His weight gain was also a little bit easier because he was so young. The twenty-year old body is ready and pretty much craving to achieve even more maximum efficiency.

An Impressive 30 Pound Muscle Gain with the Taylor Lautner Workout and Diet

In the Taylor Lautner workout and diet, he cut out junk food and drank protein shakes. After that he would use a spotter and lower half of the lifts. He would do bench-presses weekly. He would also vary the reps he did and the amount of weights he lifted. One week, he would do three sets of 8 to 10 reps. Then during another workout session, eh would do four sents of fifteen reps. He would keep changing it from time to time to keep the body guessing. It wasn’t really about increasing the weight but it was about the variability in the Taylor Lautner workout, so that his muscles would just simply have to adapt to a new routine.