Tom Cruise – Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise Workout and Diet for Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise: The “Sexiest Man Alive”–What’s it like being the sexiest man alive? That’s a question Tom Cruise would probably have no problem answering. The 5’7’’, 145 pound, famous good-looking Hollywood actor has proven himself to be internationally popular including  magazine covers like BAZAAR, Entertainment Weekly, Vizon Erkek Magazine, Teleweek, VIVA, OK!, Fotogramas, Details Magazine and People Magazine.

Thomas Cruise Maphother IV was born in Syracuse, New Jersey on July 3, 1962. He moved around to different cities around America with his family had a pretty rough life growing up. His parents had gotten divorced when he was around eleven years old, his father died about ten years later and his family had points in time when they had to use food stamps just to eat. When he was 21 years old he got his first role in Risky Business (1983). He immediately became a hot celebrity overnight and ever since, Tom has been showing off his skills and looks through many other movies like: Mission: Impossible, A Few Good Men, Rain Man, Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, The Firm, and Mission: Impossible 2,3 and 4. He has won many awards from the Gold Globe, Oscar, People’s Choice, BAFTA, and the Screen Actor Guild Awards.

Mission Impossible is basically about a man in the CIA who was falsely accused of killing IMF colleagues and named a traitor. Tom Cruise plays as the framed individual who goes through a series of missions to find out who was that false accuser. The film made about $457.6 million worldwide and several sequels were created afterwards.

Tom Cruise Workout and Diet

Getting a toned and sexy body like Tom Cruise is not necessarily a ‘mission impossible’. The only ‘collateral’ you would have to exchange to achieve a hot body would be throwing away your current lifestyle for a more healthier, workout-filled lifestyle.

Do you truly want a healthy, toned and built body? You’ve got to diet and workout. Some of the techniques Tom Cruise followed included exercises that helped him increase his muscles mass and strengthen his muscles. His cardio workouts include running, jogging and cycling. His other workouts include press-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, bench presses and dumbbell curls played a huge role in his building up process.  Everyday, Tom Cruise went to the gym for just an hour and half. He also made sure he ate healthily. In order to boost his performance, Tom Cruise had to cut junk food out of his diet and drink lots of water.

“Growing up, I always ate what was on my plate and sometimes the person who finished first got the extra piece. So when I first began making money as an actor, it was a thrill being able to have any kind of food I wanted and eat as much as I liked. These days I love well-prepared lobster, pasta and flounder … and strawberries.” Tom Cruise

He sure can eat these things with his diet. Tom Cruise loves his carbohydrates from foods like cheeses, fats, meats, and leafy vegetables and he can eat them as long as he watches how much he eats. As long as he is consuming lots of fiber, low carbohydrate level and staying hydrated, he is able to achieve health.

Tom Cruise workout and diet for maintaining his body and weight is normally called the “Tom Cruise Diet”. It is a strict 1200 calories a day diet with foods like vegetables, grilled chicken fish, fresh fruits, salads and breakfast cereals are eaten on a regular. Fried foods, junk foods and sweets are never a part of the picture and he, of course, drinks lots and lots of water.