Will Smith – I Am Legend

Will Smith Workout Routine for I am Legend

The extremely famous actor, rapper, and film producer, Will Smith was born on September 25, 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Will first gained celebrity status as a rapper in the 1980’s and then transitioned into television with the hit NBC show, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. The show ran for almost six years, which then catapulted Smith into movies in the early 1990’s. Smith’s most popular movies include Bad Boys 1 and 2, Independence Day, Men In Black, The Pursuit Of Happiness, Hancock, Hitch, Seven Pounds and I Am Legend. In April 2007, Newsweek named him the most powerful actor in Hollywood. Smith has been awarded with four Golden Globe Awards, two Academy Awards, and multiple Grammys.

The 2007 post-apocalyptic sci-fi flick directed by Francis Lawrence starred Smith as Robert Neville, a virologist that grew immune to a man made virus that wiped out man kind. The hit movie took in over 329 million dollars in worldwide box offices. To prepare for the role, Smith sought out the help of boxing and celebrity fitness personal trainer, Darrell Foster. Foster has trained athletes like Sugar Ray Leonard for 18 years. Will planned the I Am Legend workout regimen way ahead and began training 12 months in advance so that he had plenty of time to achieve his goals. The Will Smith workout regimen mixture of cardio and weight training allowed Smith to get down to 6 percent body fat of 185 pounds of pure ripped muscle.

Personal trainer Darrell Foster pushed Smith through a cardio program that included a daily run of five miles that was performed six days a week. During the runs Will would listen to audio books to keep his mind off of the running. IN addition to the cardio, Will performed a weightlifting routine five days a week where he trained two body parts per workout. Foster designed a pyramid training routine that started off with lighter weight loads and higher repetitions then gradually decreased weight and repetitions to stimulate the actor’s muscular development. His weight schedule paired muscle groups like chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulders and lats, abdominal and lower back training and legs. After the long year of training, Will took to the screen and looked exceptionally well for the role.

To help Will cut 20 pounds of fat, he used a high protein, minimal carbohydrate diet that focused on natural, unprocessed food choices. Foods like chicken, turkey, and beef provided the actor with protein, which helped him pack on tons of lean muscle. While he didn’t eliminate carbs all together, he minimized his intake to promote a reduction in his body fat percentage. Smith also ate multiple meals a day, which were spread out every two to three hours to stimulate his metabolism. Smith consumed high amounts of calories to provide sufficient amounts of energy and nutrients to endure the intense training. His trainer noted that Smith has a wicked sweets habit. Will was periodically rewarded with his sweet food of choice in exchange for an additional three-mile run. I suppose it was a small price to pay for his desired habit of choice either way the Will Smith Workout I Am Legend routine produced undeniable results.

Will continued to amaze people everywhere with his on screen talent and intense hard work off of the screen. In my opinion, and obviously Newsweek magazine’s opinion, Will is the hardest working celebrity out there. His intense motivation, focus and energy has sent him to the top of his career. He is relentless in achieving his goals and does not stop until he gets there. Smith teaches everyone who pays attention that setting goals always helps you to get to where you want to be in life. His acts are a true testament to the fact that hard work does pay off.