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Rapid weight loss is not something that occurs very often, and when it does it is most likely the healthiest way to get in shape! Christian Bale embodies the persona of a scrawny, malnourished insomniac whose deprivation has led to a year without rest. Christian exhibited his devotion, method acting and passion for his career through this wonderfully enacted performance. In order to fill the role of a withered away soul suffering slowly towards insanity and death, Christian quickly and without fail began a crash diet. This sudden crash dropped Bale to a Christian Bale - Machinist

In 2004 Christian Bale took the initiative upon being granted the role to play disheveled factory employee, Trevor Reznik. Director Brad Anderson simply mentioned the notion of losing a few pounds to Bale who wasted no time getting into character, in more ways than one and losing drastically more weight than was required, to such an extent that Brad Anderson was shocked at the site of him when arriving on set for the first day’s shooting. A total of 63 pounds (47kg) was lost in a little over four months thanks to die hard method acting and a less than healthy diet, after all that is what the role required. A diet of coffee, one tin of tuna per day and an apple was enforced by Christian upon himself. During shooting he confesses to placing chicken from the nearby snacks in his mouth, but he was certain never to swallow. During this four to five month ordeal Christian had absolutely no medical attention provided, although he did begin to smoke in order to assist with the weight loss and further get into character.

Making of the Movie “The Machinist”

As horrific as it may sound this bizarre and extreme crash course was apparently not without benefits. Bale is reported to have mentioned the satisfaction received from pushing his weight lower, in turn pushing his body further than he at first thought it possible. He continues to explain a sense of serenity and calmness that was also granted through the extreme states of stress placed on his body during this dark movie. Euphoria is a well-recognized side effect of prolonged fasting, often much sought after by mystics, shamans and those from other religious and / or esoteric doctrines. The elevated feeling that is experienced can also be resultant of a biological process named Ketosis. During Ketosis all fat is burned at a higher rate, now also being transformed to Ketones fueling the brain, consequently to reach this state insulin production is lowered. A protein controlled, high fat, no-carb diet can be used to induce a state of Ketosis safely, however the extremes that were went to in the case of Christian Bale are definitely not for the faint of heart!

The frightening transformation that Bale went through during the course of the Machinist is both an indication of what the human body is capable of to the extreme, as well as a striking display of the devotion, study and personal martyrdom that stars such as Christian are willing to go through in order to perfect the role of a character in the purest sense. A crash course akin to that of Bale is not necessarily the best course of action for most of us looking to lose a few pounds. The shock to one’s body can be too much for most to handle and the long term repercussion of malnutrition given the wrong choice of extreme measures can leave your body distraught. This being said one thing was proven through the radical actions of this brilliant actor, dramatic weight loss results are possible given the correct diet, mindset, determination and diligence.

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