Crocodile Hunter’s Daughter, Very Much Alive

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Crocodile Hunter’s Daughter, Very Much Alive

Everyone knows who the famous Steve Irwin was. The legendary crocodile hunter was a favorite among viewers around the world. The day he died, although he was doing what he loved, was a sad one for his family, friends, and millions of fans everywhere.

Bindi Irwin is the 14-year old daughter of the late crocodile hunter, and as such is always in the public eye. She just finished filming the movie “Return to Nim’s Island,” She is active on Twitter, and very much in the public eye.


Evidently, her starring role in “Return to Nim’s Island,” sparked a lot of Google searches that of course came up with news about her father. Soon, the rumors were flying far and wide on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, that the young was dead.  

The rumor that the young actress had died, of no apparent reason, started on Twitter yesterday and quickly climbed to the number four spot on MSN and other social sites, as a hot search item.

It seems that the search for her name and facts about her and her movie, became mixed with reports of her father’s tragic 2006 death. Soon, everyone thought that, and were talking about, the fact that the young Australian teen had died tragically.

The rumors are in fact not true and Bid Irwin is very much alive. This just goes to show that technology indeed does make mistakes, as it did in this case. At least this time it wasn’t a malicious rumor about a celebrity death, like the recent one concerned movie star Jackie Chan, but an honest mistake. Either way Bindi is alive, well, and enjoying the fame of her new movie from a recent tweet by the actress on Twitter. All is well, and the crocodile hunter would be proud.

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