CrossFit: What Is It?

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If you have heard about CrossFit then you have probably heard that it is an intense work out involving a lot of strength training. The fitness program was founded in 2000 by a gentleman named Greg Glassman. There are many benefits to working out and also exercising. Exercising is an important part of your routine and should be done to help maintain a steady weight and also keep your body healthy. Exercise can help you lose weight and also reduce the risks of heart disease and raised cholesterol. Besides the health benefits, exercising also helps to tone the body, strengthen joints and muscles, and also strengthen bones.

CrossFit is an exercise routine which incorporates many different types of work outs into one and you never focus on just one thing. The idea behind CrossFit is to prepare your body to be able to handle an array of different sports and also activities. The main focus of the work outs is to help your body with core strengthening and also conditioning. Many people have started to participate in this work out throughout the United States including: police, firemen, military personnel, and even the average person who wants to build and improve muscle and strength.

So, you are probably wondering what a typical day at CrossFit would look like. You start out with an introduction to the program if you have never been. This will allow you to get a better idea of what it is about and also meet your instructor. If you decide to join, you will move on to a regular class which will consist of different activities. The class can last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. A warm up will begin the class and can consist of jumping jacks, squats, lunges, pull ups, push-ups, or jump rope. This will get you warmed up and ready to continue. You will work on strength which includes dead lifts and squats. Typically, you will not do strength every day and on an off day you will do lunges or another type of strenuous muscle exercise. The next part of the class is when you will do a number of a certain exercise in a set amount of time. This will be disclosed to you on the day and can consist of any type of exercise. Lastly, the class will then end with stretching to cool down your body.

This is an intense work out that is right for some people but not for everyone. The classes tend to push you past your own limits and really challenge your body and mind to complete the exercises.


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