Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Natalie Portman Diet, Workout and Exercise Routine for Black Swan

Bio-Oscar winner Natalie Portman has long been a Hollywood heartthrob ever since she made her film debut in 1994. But she became an international sensation when she played the role of Queen Amidala in the hit movie, Star Wars Episode I, in 1999. In 2011, she played the role of Nina Sayers in the critically acclaimed movie Black Swan which earned her the Best Actress plums from the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. In preparing for the role of a ballerina, Portman considered numerous fitness workout plans. She eventually signed Mary Helen Bowers to prepare her fitness program which incorporated different exercises and a strict diet for the vegan.

Natalie wanted not just to lose weight but also to develop supple muscles. She had to look like a real ballerina. The goal of Natalie’s training program was for her to develop a body like that of a ballerina- characterized by strong, lithe legs with a womanly shape. The goal was quite tough to follow, since Natalie barely had a year to develop her body while ballerinas trained for years. But Natalie was hardworking enough, allotting eight hours a day for exercises that built up her resistance and stamina. She also had a lot of stretching exercises.

Ballet Workout Exercises

Natalie’s ballet workout exercises begin with basic stretching. She lies on the ground then raises one of her legs. Natalie then pulls the ankle slowly towards her head while being guided by her hands. She stretches the knees straight for a couple of seconds, before repeating the routine on the other leg. After doing 1-3 sets of this exercise, Natalie proceeds to exercises that strengthen the back of her thighs, butt and legs. Again lying on the floor with the stomach muscles contracted and feet flat on the ground, Natalie stretches her right legs with the toes headed to the ceiling. She contracts her midsection while keeping her knees together and lifting her hips off the ground. She then lowers her hips without the hips touching the ground then raises the hips again. She usually does 30 counts for every leg before doing the same routine on the other leg.

Core Exercise Program

Portman may have one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood but she wasn’t gifted with a drop-dead gorgeous body. Yet as most celebrity fitness workout plans have done to numerous Hollywood celebrities, Natalie’s workout program helped her develop a rounded and more curvaceous rear. She had numerous exercises to tighten her abs. She often performed an exercise where she is on her four limbs then slowly raises a knee to her chest. She then stretches one leg while keeping the knee straight, before contracting the stomach and raising the leg as if pointing towards the ceiling.

Natalie likewise worked hard to achieve a flat stomach. Her workout for the abs begins with her lying on the ground and arms wide open on the sides with the knees slightly bent. She contracts the tummy while raising her upper torso and bringing her arms near her head. Contraction of the tummy continues while she lowers and raises her body. Natalie does this routine for 30 times.

Workout for the Arms

Natalie Portman’s workout for the arms has her sitting on the floor and extending her legs. She keeps her hands at the back of her hips, which she slowly raises off the ground. The elbows are stretched and the neck is kept long and open. She draws in her stomach while slightly crooking the elbows. Finally, she lowers and raises her hips by stretching the elbows with the tummy kept taut and the hips raised the entire time.

Natalie’s Vegan Diet Plan

Fitness workout plans won’t succeed if the individual does not follow a good diet plan. A known vegan, Natalie cut down on her diet by consuming a maximum of 1200 calories a day. She was not deprived in eating but preferred to reduce her food intake by taking in smaller food portions.