Angela Bassett – Tina Turner

Angela Bassett Workout and Diet Plan for Tina Turner

Bio-Angela Bassett, who is very respected and well known for playing the parts of strong women in biological films, has an amazing lean, muscular and fit body, particularly as a 58-year-old woman. She was born in New York City on August 16, 1958 and was raised in Saint Petersburg, Florida. She weighs 113 pounds and she is at a petite height of 5’4’’. She is an extremely intelligent woman who attended Yale University where she completed her B.A. in African American studies and Masters in Fine Arts. She married her college sweetheart, Courtney B. Vance, in 1997.

When Angela played the part of Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do With It (2003), she truly captured the dynamic character through her remarkable acting skills, fantastic arms and incredible midriff. What did love had to do with this transformation? Nothing. Through dieting and exercise, Angela was able to make her body look like it had always been super fit.

Some of Angela’s other works include: Kindergarten Cop (1990), a single mother in Boyz ‘N the Hood (1991), the wife of Malcolm in Malcolm X ˆ(1992), and the mother of the gifted young singers in The Jackson: An American Dream (1992). Other well known titles include How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998), Supernova (2000), Boesman and Lena (2000) and The Rosa Parks Story (2002).

Angela Bassett Workout Routine

Angela worked closely with personal celebrity fitness trainer, David Sinnot, to prepare her total body workout for the part of Tina Turner in this movie.

She trained smart and her workout plan was particularly suitable for women. The plan works for women who want to be muscular but not too muscular; fit but not too fit; and sexy but not too sexy. Surprisingly, she worked out for only two hours a day and for two days a week and achieved a beautiful, lean body in the end.

Angela Bassett Diet Plan

Angela only ate things like potatoes, starches and fish because they contained complex carbs and lean proteins. She also ate lots of vegetables, fruits and for lean protein; she ate things like chicken and fish. Angela’s overall workout technique includes moderate, consistent exercise and healthy eating.

In the movie, What’s Love Got to Do With It, Angela’s character, Tina Turner, struggles with her fame and her abusive husband. Her husband played a huge role in her success and fame but because of his intense jealousy and abusive way, she had to fight for her freedom. Angela’s performance was so spectacular, she earned the Golden Globe award for Best Actress in Drama, the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Motion Picture and was also nominated an Academy Award.

Fitness Tips

Here are some example workout plans that would get you lean and fit like Angela Basset:

Using moderate weights, the workout involves doing three to four sets of exercises with eight reps of chair abdominal curls and triceps dips. To do a chair abdominal curl, you must sit in chair with your hands holding on to the sides and your feet flat on the ground. Then you must tuck both of your knees into your chest to contract your abdominal. Finally you must slowly drop your legs back into the starting position.

In between each set, should rest for about one to two minutes and complete these two exercises uninterruptedly. To do a triceps dip you must place your hands shoulder width apart on a chair or bench. Place your feet a hip width apart on the ground and bend your legs to move your buttocks in front of the bench. Straighten your arms out, keep your back near the bench and slowly bend your elbows as you lower you upper body down towards the floor until you’ve formed a 90 degree angle with your arms.

Keep moving down until you’ve reached the bottom and them push yourself back up to the starting position with your hands. Your abdominal, forearms and upper chest muscles will be strengthened in no time.