AnnaSophia Robb – Soul Surfer

AnnaSophia Robb’s Diet, Workout and Fitness Program for Soul Surfer


AnnaSophia Robb was born on December 8, 1993 in Denver, Colorado. The actress made her acting debut in 2004 when she landed a small role in one episode of the television series, Drake & Josh. Robb’s career took off in 2005 with lead roles in Because Of Winn-Dixie and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. AnnaSophia’s other famous films include Bridge To Terabithia, Race To Witch Mountain and Soul Surfer.

AnnaSophia’s role in the 2011 drama film Soul Surfer depicted her as Bethany Hamilton, a young female surfer that loses an arm to a vicious shark attack. The movie, directed by Sean McNamara earned 44.3 million dollars in the box offices.

AnnaSophia’s Workout and Exercise Routine

To prepare for the role of young Bethany Hamilton, Robb had to get into top surfer girl shape, which entailed a variety of aquatic training, breath holding exercises and core work exercises. Her eight-week training program also included actual surfing drills to increase her strength and agility on the board and in the water.

The young actress admitted that surfing is hard work and in the beginning she made a fool out of herself a lot. To improve her surfing skills and increase her fitness level and agility, Robb began in Colorado for two weeks with an intense swimming program that included a variety of breath

holding exercises. Improving her breath holding abilities allowed the actress to be able to handle sudden dives underwater that surfing sometimes causes. Surfing also requires a lot of balance to maneuver your body onto the board, especially fighting the instability of the water.
To increase her stability, AnnaSophia performed a ton of core exercises that strengthened her abdominals to quickly move her body on the surfboard. After her exercise stint in Colorado, Robb headed to Hawaii where she underwent surf training for six weeks. AnnaSophia commented on how much paddling she had to do during her surf training. The actress would surf for two hours a day and then head to land where she continued her exercise routine.

AnnaSophia’s Diet Plan

To play the role of the young surfer girl, Robb needed to pack on as much muscle as she could for strength. Her diet plan consisted of plenty of lean protein to assist her in reaching her muscle-building goals. Protein sources like tuna, chicken and turkey filled her menu in addition to a mixture of green vegetables like spinach and broccoli. High fiber fruits also added to her eating plan to provide the actress with energy during her training and filming. Her meals were spread out every three to four hours to allow her to sustain a high metabolism. Robb’s diet seems like the typical celebrity diet plan to pack on muscle while maintaining or dropping body fat.

The young actress displayed just how hard she worked to portray the role of Bethany Hamilton. AnnaSophia explained to the media that it was an honor to play the part in Soul Surfer. Her fitness training program proves that focusing on your abdominal is more than improving your appearance. Strengthening your core helps improve your overall balance and agility. The actress’ training also tells the tale of how difficult it can be to workout in the water. Every muscle in your body is worked while in water to stay on the surface and maneuver through huge waves. AnnaSophia looked fantastic on screen and played the role of the shark victim very well. Robb has many years to come at reaching success.