Cameron Diaz – Green hornet

Cameron Diaz Workout, Diet and Fitness Program for The Green Hornet

Bio-Cameron Diaz was born on August 30,1972 in San Diego, California. The 5′ 9” (1.75 m) height actress and former model reached stardom in the 1990’s with roles in The Mask, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Begin John Malkovich, Vanilla Sky, Gangs Of New York and the comedy classic There’s Something About Mary. Diaz has received multiple nominations for her performance in various movie roles.

The 2011 American superhero film, Green Hornet displayed Cameron Diaz as Lenore Case, the Hornet’s secretary with a degree in journalism and criminology. The movie was actually based off of the 1930’s radio broadcast show. The film was a success, taking in over 227 million dollars in the international box offices. Diaz prepared for her role as Lenore Case by asking for help from her personal trainer, Teddy Bass.

Cameron Diaz Workout and Exercise Routine

The two worked out five days a week using a mixture of workout methods. Although Diaz did not require much work to get her into great shape, she pushed hard to take her body to the next level. In a previous interview, Diaz reported that exercise is as natural as eating and sleeping for her. The actress went on to explain that she loves being physical and enjoys working up a sweat and getting her heart pumping. Diaz loves to challenge herself and feels she can do anything that she puts her mind to. She insisted that her challenge is actually keeping on weight rather than trying to reduce excess body fat.

Diaz needed to increase her muscle mass and to do so the actress and her personal trainer focused on power moves or quick burst muscular movements. Her exercise regime included jump kicks, lying torso rotations, dumbbell ab crunches, renegade rows, and push-ups. To assist in her fat burning results, Diaz performed a 5-day a week cardio training program. Her personal trainer also pushed her through pilates workouts each week. As always, the actress’ exercise routine helped her look stunning on the big screen.

Cameron Diaz Diet Plan

What’s unique about Diaz is she did not go on a special diet for the movie. Cameron admits that when she reached her mid 30’s she had to really watch her diet. The actress has always had it easy when it came to staying thin, but as she aged her trip down easy street started to end.

Now Cameron stays away from fried foods and basically eats a well balanced diet rich in protein, carbohydrates and good heart healthy fats. Her personal trainer, Teddy Bass does admit every now and again when Cameron gets the itch for something bad, she usually has a small portion just to satisfy her cravings.

One diet technique the actress uses is having the bulk of her carbohydrates in the morning and then tapering off throughout the day. Her evening meals usually consist of a protein and green vegetables. This technique is quite common among most diet plans and especially with celebrity body transformations. Diaz also drinks plenty of water throughout her day to stay well hydrated.

Fitness Tips

Cameron Diaz proves that life-long consistent exercise helps to maintain a healthy and trim physique. Diaz has always followed an exercise routine and has received a lot of attention for her stunning body. It’s good that she admits that staying trim has gotten increasingly tougher as she ages. It shows a real world fact and teaches older people to get moving or work harder. Her personal trainer has made a smart decision at throwing a variety of training methods at Diaz to create a well-rounded celebrity fitness program. Her training program allows her to increase her strength, muscle mass, and flexibility. The actress continues to thrill movie goers with her amazing looks on screen.