Charlize Theron – Aeon Flux

Charlize Theron Workout, Diet and Fitness Program for Aeon Flux

Bio-Charlize Theron was born on August 7, 1975 in South Africa. Over her career she has been an actress and film producer. What’s interesting is that at the age of 16 Theron ventured to Milan to pursue a modeling career. She later flew to New York to seek out the help of Pauline’s Model Management. Charlize transitioned her career and rose to stardom in the late 90’s with acting roles in Two Days In The Valley, Mighty Joe Young, The Devil’s Advocate and The Cider House Rules. The actress won an Academy Award for her role of the serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the movie Monster. She also received an Academy nomination for her role in North Country.

The 2005 sci-fi flick Aeon Flux, directed by Karyn Kusama shows Theron as the lead character that was adapted from the television series. The action movie produced over 52 million dollars in worldwide sales and over 31 million in home rentals. In the movie, Theron has to wear a skin-tight suit leaving no room for excess body fat. The actress needed to develop the leanest and most muscular physique possible to suit the role well. The movie also called for her to perform a lot of acrobatic fighting moves. To get her body ready for the appearance and challenges she turned to Cirque Du Soleil performer, Terry Bartlett to acquire some gymnastic moves. The performer and trainer reported that after her first day of training she was already doing back handsprings. The stunning actress lost the 30 pounds that she had to put on for her previous movie, Monster during the gymnastic training.

Charlize did gymnastic workout fitness training 3 hours per day

Charlize and her gymnastic trainer, Terry Bartlett workout out three hours a day for three months to prep for the Aeon Flux lead role. Her body quickly trimmed down from the intense acrobatic training. Her trainer reported that after two weeks of training she had to get a smaller flying harness due to her fast weight loss. She also received assistance from another trainer in Los Angeles who designed trampoline drills, hand to hand combat techniques and Brazilian capoeira exercises. For the capoeira drills she also learned from master instructor, Neal Xingu Rodil. Charlize’s previous dancing skills paid off during the intense Brazilian exercises.

Charlize Diet Plan

The Aeon Flux actress went on a high protein, lower carbohydrate diet to look lean and mean in the skin-tight suit that she had to wear in the movie. Her foods included fruits and vegetables and what’s interesting is that she is a semi-vegetarian, which means that she occasionally eats chicken. Because of the limited meats, her protein came from nuts, seeds and dairy food sources. Her nutritionist, Jackie Keller reported that she consumed six meals a day spread out every few hours. Keller goes on to inform that Theron’s only avoided vegetable was beets. A few of Charlize’s favorite diet dishes include vegetable lasagna, grilled spinach quesadillas, and mushroom and ricotta stuffed pasta. It’s no doubt that her partially vegetarian diet helped her to look amazing in the action thriller movie.

Charlize has always remained active throughout her life being a dancer, model, and avid exerciser. Not only did she look stunning in the Aeon Flux movie, but also continues to become an object of beauty in each of her movie roles. I find it quite interesting that the non-traditional gymnastics workouts helped trim the actress’ physique rather than weights and cardio exercises. Her celebrity fitness training program goes to show that there is a wide variety of training methods you can use to reach your body fat reduction goals. Movie fans everywhere are sure to look for the actress’ next movie appearance to catch a glimpse of her phenomenal physique.