Demi Moore – Striptease

Beautiful & Rich: Demi Moore Workout, Diet and Fitness Program


It’s not everyday that a stripper gets to make $12.5 million for one performance! Demi Moore, a gorgeous, sexy woman of 5’5’’ in height and 130 pounds was named one of the highest paid actresses after of playing her stripper role in Striptease (1996).

Demi’s HardKnock LIfe

Demi didn’t always have such a lucky life though. She worked her way into her success. Demi was born on November, 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico. Her biological father walked out on the family and her stepfather always had unstable jobs. He committed suicide and Demi had to quit school at the young age of sixteen years. She started off as a pin-up girl, went through a four-year marriage with rock musician Freddie Moore and finally made her first break in the well-known soap opera, General Hospital after taking a few acting classes. She acted in the soap opera from 1982-1983; then in 1990, she starred in the film Ghost. In 1991, she was eight months pregnant and was fortunate enough to pose nude for the cover of Vanity. A few of her other films include: St. Elmo’s Fire (1985), A Few Good Men (1992), The Scarlet Letter (1995), G.I. Jane (1997), and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003).

Demi Moore’s  Exercise & Workout Routine

She has three daughters and she continues to teach them to love their bodies. Demi Moore has taken great care of her body by doing yoga, cardio and pilates. She currently does not do much in the way of celebrity workouts but maintains her health by taking herbal teas and vitamins for energy and alertness. For the movie Striptease, she was able to work with Holistic Fitness owner, Gregory Joujon-Roche. His technique was to approach working out by integrating the holistic viewpoint. Take time for yourself, regain your center instead of focusing on certain points like her arms or butt. Once you are able to find your balance, it is easier to figure out what works best for you and you will be more likely to accept it. Demi had to accept months of dedication with her change in diet and workout plan with her fitness trainer. Her intense schedule of weights and daily cardio lead to her having such a hot body in Striptease.

Demi Moore’s Diet and Fitness Plan

Some of the other Demi Moore workout and diets she has tried throughout her career are the Zone Diet which only allows you to have an intake of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. It is a pretty complicated and time consuming diet but she is amongst many other celebrities who have completed the diet. She has tried the carb-lovers diet, which teaches you how to eat the right types of carbohydrates to lose weight and keep your cravings low. She attempted the strict raw food diet of eating mostly raw food and food that is heated at a range of 104 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

She has also done the Master Cleans with her husband, Ashton Kutcher. The diet only allows you to drink lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for a duration of 7-10 days. Her other quick diet was the Clean Program where you must cut junk food for 21 days and eat things like smoothies and dinner salads instead.

The options are endless when it comes down to the techniques for losing weight and it seems like Demi Moore has tried plenty of them. These days, Demi maintains her weight by drinking herbal teas and taking vitamins between meals. Demi’s full first-name, Demetria, came from a beauty product in magazine and she has done a great job of showing the worth of her name. As stunning as she is, it’s surprising to believe that she is approaching 50 years old!