Gwyneth Paltrow Diet

Movie star Gwyneth Paltrow is a very big believer in dieting before filming a movie; so much so that she uses the same diet for every movie she is in. The Macrobiotic diet is something Paltrow believes in and recommends to others. In addition, she eats organic foods and wants nothing to do with refined or processed foods. This means she does not eat eggs, meat, fish or anything with lacteal, and instead eats cereals, grains, vegetables and fruit. For her Macrobiotic diet most of her meals consist of Miso soup.

The Macrobiotic Diet

The Macrobiotic Diet originated in Japan and is said to help people stay well balanced emotionally, in addition to helping them lose weight. This diet involves the daily consumption of whole grains and frowns upon dairy foods. Most of the food eating during this diet contains plant-based proteins as opposed to animal-based proteins. Participants of this diet are urged to only use natural sweeteners such as syrup and malt.

Managing the Macrobiotic Diet also means chewing each bite thoroughly (to the point where it is liquefied) and making sure not to overeat. One of the earliest versions of this diet consisted of water and brown rice. Now it is described more as a vegetarian diet with some modifications made to it.

Eating the Right Kind of Food

This diet allows limited amounts of peppers, tomatoes and eggplants and does not allow chocolate, zucchini, poultry, potatoes, beets, avocados or spinach. Participants also cannot consume anything with caffeine or hot spices in it.

Typical macrobiotic diets are 50-60% whole grains such as brown rice, 25 –30% seaweed and vegetables, 5-10% beans and between 5 and 20% seeds, fruit, nuts and seeds. One to two cups of soup per day are included in this diet as long as the soup contains the above ingredients only.

The food one eats on the macrobiotic diet should be steamed, baked or boiled only. This diet does not allow for any fried foods. It also dictates that any foots that are not grown locally should be avoided. Throughout both Europe and the United States, this includes tropical fruits such as pineapples and bananas. The equipment used to cook these foods is supposed to be made of stainless steel, ceramic, wood or glass. Those who follow a macrobiotic diet frown upon using a microwave to heat food.

The Whole Point of Macrobiotic Diet

The macrobiotic diet is based on the idea of avoiding all toxins. It dates back to ancient traditions of the Asian culture and is considered a way of life rather than just a mere diet. This diet is often modified to accommodate an individual’s health based on their gender, age, their typical environment and how physically active a person is.

Gwyneth Paltrow is one of many celebrities, as well as non-celebrities that swears by the macrobiotic diet. Though some people argue it can help prevent certain types of cancer, this has yet to be medically proven and doctors are very skeptical of the idea. This diet has led to success, health and happiness for many people.