Halle Berry – Catwomen

Halle Berry Workout, Diet & Fitness Program for Catwoman

Bio-Cleveland, Ohio said their first hellos to Halle Berry on August 14, 1966. The actress, former fashion model and beauty queen has received multiple awards throughout her acting career that include an Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG and an NAACP Image Award for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. Berry’s other awards include an Academy Award and a nomination for the BAFTA award in 2001 for her role in Monster’s Ball, which to this day still makes her the only African American female to win the awards. It’s no big secret that Halle’s career has been successful. The actress is noted as being one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

Before her acting career came to life she competed in numerous beauty contests, finishing first runner up in the Miss USA Pageant in 1986 and placing sixth in the Miss World Pageant that same year. Her movie debut started with a minor role in the 1991 film, Jungle Fever, which led to numerous roles including The Flintstones, Bulworth, X-Men and sequels, and Die Another Day. Interestingly, Berry won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress in 2005 for her role as Catwoman, in which she accepted the award in person making her one of the few movie starts to do so.

The 2004 superhero film Catwoman branched from the Batman movie series. Catwoman is based off of the DC Comics character that typically has been a super-villain and romantic interest of Batman himself. Made on a 100 million dollar budget, the Catwoman movie brought in over 82 million dollars all around the globe. Halle has always been in absolutely incredible shape and jumping into the tight, form-fitting Catwoman costume sparked little worry for the actress. However, Halle turned to Harley Pasternak, celebrity fitness trainer who helped the actress get into incredible shape. One interesting fact about Halle is she dropped 40 pounds after having her baby and jumped into that skin-tight costume just four months after giving birth.

Halle Berry’s Exercise & Workout Routine

Halle, with the help form her trainer Harley Pasternak used the 5 factor fitness plan to get into Catwoman-like shape. This training method included a cardio exercise warm up to prepare her muscle for the future resistance exercises. Next came upper body movements that included bicep curls and push-ups. Next came the lower body weight training exercises like squats and lunges. After these movements were finished the actress went on to core strengthening movements using numerous ball crunches and stability exercises. The last phase of her workout included a fat burning cardio session. Each phase lasted only five minutes each, which totaled to a measly 25-minute training session. Halle worked out five days a week.

Halle Berry’s Diet & Fitness Plan

Halle’s used her trainer’s diet program named the 5 factor fitness plan which allowed simplicity and ease for busy individuals. The actress did not have to be bothered with counting calories or nutrient grams. The diet called for lots of lean protein, high fiber content, and heart healthy fats that are used for energy in the body. The diet plan uses a five-element guideline: Main course contains high protein and low amounts of fat, should consist of beans, vegetables or sweet potatoes with a sugarless beverage. The celebrity trainer also equipped Halle with 100 easy recipes for her to use with the system. This specific plan allowed the actress to not spend so much time on details and enjoy her results.

Halle keeps on wowing people everywhere she ventures with her smoking hot physique. Although Halle is reaching her late forties she maintains the appearance of a twenty something. Her consistent diet and exercise practices aid her in staying a fit celeb. I look forward to seeing her in many future roles where she can once again show off her body.