Jaime Pressly – DOA

Jaime Pressly Workout, Diet & Fitness Routine for, DOA: Dead or Alive

Bio-Jaime Elizabeth Pressly was born on July 30,1977 in Kinstin, North Carolina. Pressly is best known for playing Joy Turner on the NBC television show, My Name Is Earl. Her performance in the television series caused her to receive two Emmy Award nominations and winning one along with winning a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Jaime’s other notable movie roles include Joe Dirt, DOA: Dead or Alive and I Love You, Man.

DOA: Dead or Alive is a 2006 martial arts movie that is based on the Tecmo Ninja fighting video game. The action flick is directed by Corey Yuen and starts Jaime Pressly in the leading role. The movie took in over seven million dollars at the worldwide box offices. Although Pressly claims that she is no stranger to intense workouts, the actress stepped her training up to play the part in the DOA movie. To back her claims, the actress was noted as having one of the sexiest bodies in Hollywood according to Shape magazine just two years after giving birth to her son.

Pressly’s character required a lean, tough look and needed her to be at her maximum strength to keep up with the fighting scenes during filming. Her training regimen called for a mixed bag of explosive plyometric moves for strength and muscular power, circuit training for lean muscle building and fat burn and core stabilization exercises to keep her balanced and agile.

Jaime is portrayed in the movie as Tina Armstrong, a pro American wrestler who sets out to prove to everyone that she is a legitimate contender. For her role, Pressly got into lean fighting shape by mixing resistance exercises in a circuit training fashion. This high intensity training style required her to combine 5 to 6 exercises that were completed with little to no rest in between. These circuits allowed the actor to pack on lean muscle and plummet her body fat percentage fast. In addition to the weights, the actress took on hours of martial arts, boxing and other forms of fight training. This prepared her for the challenging fight scenes in the movie. And if that wasn’t enough, the North Carolina native performed cardio workout sessions five days a week to assist in her body leaning progress. Jaime truly made a name for herself when movie viewers everywhere laid eyes on her smoking physique on the big screen.

Jaime Pressly Sexy DOA Workout & Diet Routine

As stated before, the hot body actress has always watched what she consumed but to give her the edge she needed before filming Jaime followed a disciplined 1200 calories a day diet. It has also been reported that the actress tried a cabbage soup detox diet to enhance her body fat reduction results. Pressly’s 1200-calorie diet consisted of lean proteins like chicken breast and fish as well as lower-carbohydrate green vegetables. This nutrient profile provided the actress with just enough energy to sustain her training schedule while packing on lean muscle mass and burning excess body fat. No matter what she did, no one can take away the fact that her body looked simply amazing in the action film.

Jaime Pressly marks yet another Hollywood actress that proves the fact that consistent diet and exercise allows you to sustain peak fitness level and an amazing appearance. In fact, the actress has topped the charts as one of Hollywood’s hottest moms. Another proven fact that she brings to light is that it’s much easier to maintain a healthy physique compared to working towards huge body changes. For all the females out there wishing to have a body like Jaime, take action now and stay on top of your exercise and dietary habits. Your goals aren’t that far away.