Jamie Lee Curtis – True Lies

Jamie Lee Curtis Workout, Diet & Exercise for true Lies Dance Scene

Scream Queen Becomes Pilates Queen!–Jamie Lee Curtis, known as the Scream Queen in Tinseltow once stated, “The more I like me, the less I want to pretend to be other people.”  For an individual who was rumored to be born as a hermaphrodite, she’s gone through many measures in order to like herself more. A few years ago, while Jamie was trying to sober up from being an alcoholic, she gained some weight and obviously didn’t mind it because she worked on a piece for the magazine More titled, “True Thighs” and took some accompanying photographs. The piece was a twist to the movie, True Lies where she played as a seductress who cheated on her husband. In this piece, she admitted her flaws. She was trying to show the world the importance of loving yourself for who you are, but unfortunately, people saw it as her letting herself go. After another magazine claimed that she was 161 pounds, she dropped 20 pounds within a year.

Bio: Works & Successes

Jamie was born November 22, 1958 in Los, Angeles, California. For someone her age, especially after losing the weight, she is doing extremely well.  She is 5’9’’ and is around 150 lbs. Her parents were both in the entertainment industry as actors. She went to college and was supposed to be studying sociology, but after just one semester, she dropped out to pursue her acting career. Some of her most popular films include Halloween, Halloween II and Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Terror Train, A Fish Called Wanda, Blue Steel, True Lies, Nicholas’ Gift, and Freaky Friday. In the midst of acting, she has written several children’s books such as Big Words for Little People and My Mommy Hung the Moon: A Love Story.

Jamie Lee Curtis Quick Weight Loss

There was even a small period of time when Jamie Lee Curtis lost five pounds for her role as Helen in True Lies. How did she do it?

Simply for the purpose for losing the weight, she simply stopped eating fat and followed a strict vegetable eating diet. True Lies is an action-filled, comedic movie about the secret international agent, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who suspects that his wife, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, is having an extra-marital affair, so he sends some of his colleagues to go kidnap her and her suitor. She then discovers that he is a secret agent who is trying to find four nuclear warheads that have disappeared from a former Soviet Republic.

Jaimie Lee Curtis Diet Plan

Though she did lose that weight quickly for the movie, Jamie has grown to adopt a more long-term healthy lifestyle. As she states, this can all be achieved, just by making healthy choices. She affirms that she has been making healthy choices for herself. She cut out foods that were high in sugar and white flour. Her total celebrity diet technique is balancing her diet and keeping control of her portions. She does Pilates, which is a combination of different body movements designed to strengthen, balance and stretch the body. Curtis has been able to master precision, breathing, and concentration and control so that her lung capacity is boosted, her mind and muscles are coordinated and her body posture is improved.

Here are her exact views on maintaining great health:

Curtis has been quite successful in her acting career. She even won several awards for her acting and for her books. In the midst of doing that, she’s been able to maintain a beautiful body, despite her ever-increasing age. It seems that Curtis’s view on loving yourself embraces the fact that you must love yourself to take care of yourself.

“…the problem is that many of us are killing ourselves every day?
Who here has high blood pressure and is still eating salt and French fries? Who has been told that their liver is enlarged and unless they stop drinking their gonna end up with liver disease and/or need a liver transplant? We create senseless acts of violence against ourselves every day. And we live in this amnesia that we’re not.”  Jamie Lee Curtis.