Jennifer Lawrence – Hunger Games

Workout, Diet and Exercise Routine for Hunger Games

Training for a movie role that requires physical activities require an actor to be well-conditioned and physically fit in order to perform stunts. Such is the case for Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence who played Katniss Everdeen in the box-office hit movie. Prior to this breakout role, Jennifer Lawrence was known for her performance in X-Men First Class as Mystique. This has already indicted inclination for movie roles that require physical activity and an excellent physical condition. As such, a workout and diet plan were needed to condition the actress for the role.

Coming into the Hunger Games movie production, Jennifer was already in a good physical condition. She stands 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighs about 49 kilograms. Her fitness instructor seemed to have not one single problem during his training with Jennifer. As he has said in many interviews, Jennifer was already in a good shape prior to their intense training program. Nevertheless, the director wanted all the actors to be in tip-top shape to be able to perform the stunts the roles required. This launched a 6-week rigorous diet and fitness routine for Jennifer.

Stunt Training for Hunger Games

Given the nature of the role, Jennifer was expected to perform stunts such as climbing trees and jumping over logs. Even at her physical condition prior to her training, the director wanted her to be a slightly lighter in order to perform the stunts easily. The workout regimen consisted of track drills, agility drills, the use of a medicine ball, sprinting, stationary bike rides, and the most enjoyable activity of all, skipping. Jennifer did all these trainings twice a day, with archery workout in between. These exercises helped developed physical strength and endurance for Jennifer as she performed stunts for her character Katniss. What made the role even more demanding was that all the stunts were made without a stunt double. Jennifer did all the stunts herself, making her training perfect for the role.

Archery Training for Jennifer

The key skill of Katniss in the Hunger Games movie was archery. During the intense training, Jennifer underwent 3-4 days of archery training with a famous Olympian. Holding a bow is not a walk in the park. Jennifer’s bow weighed quite heavily. As such, she needed to develop strength for her arms and her whole body while she ran around carrying the bow. With continuous dedication to the training, Jennifer was able to master her weapon in time for the movie to shoot. At the end of the training, her trainer has given Jennifer a thumbs up sign as she was quite a natural in archery already.

A Carefully Planned Diet

Aside from the physical training that Jennifer had to undergo to improve her agility, her diet was also carefully planned. In order for her to feel light and be up to speed, she had to be lean. However, that did not mean that she went on a low carbohydrates diet; otherwise, she would not have all the energy she needed to perform the stunts. Jennifer is eating high carbohydrate foods with controlled portions of it. She needed a workout plan and diet in order to be fit and fast. The nutritionist whom her trainer consulted gave Jennifer an effective diet plan that did not lead her into feeling tired and sluggish.

Apart from the intense celebrity workouts Jennifer underwent to prepare for her Katniss Everdeen role, another aspect that her trainer admired about her was her dedication and hard work. She never complained about anything but went through everything and she got better every time. Despite injuries she encountered while filming, she continued to train. Her trainer was impressed by how much Jennifer wanted to do very well as Katniss. She showed up on time during trainings and never missed a single one of them. She performed stunts and drills like a professional. Jennifer stuck to her diet plan. Everything seemed to have paid off as Jennifer Lawrence and her alter ego Katniss Everdeen have both become household names.