Jennifer Love Hewitt – The Tuxedo

Jennifer Love Hewitt Workout, Diet, and Exercise Routine for The Tuxedo

Bio-For many years, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been the apple of the eye of millions of Hollywood followers. The singer-actress first captured the attention of viewers in her role in the Kids Incorporated TV series aired over the Disney Channel. She became a teenage heartthrob in the series “Party of Five” and reached Hollywood leading actress status with films like “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” In 2002, she teamed up with Asian superstar Jackie Chan for the movie “The Tuxedo.” Jennifer worked out a lot to develop her body and look as sexy as possible for the role. She signed up personal training services to plan her workout and diet programs.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Exercise Routine

Jennifer admits that she was not fond of exercise regimens particularly when she was younger. But through the help of personal training services, she grew fond of working out regularly. She shares that she would workout at least three times a week, with a workout lasting for more than an hour.

Jennifer begins her workout plan by warming up. She allots ten minutes for her cardiovascular exercises. She says cardiovascular exercises help her in loosening tight muscles and developing her lungs. Her cardiovascular exercises include jumping rope and jogging on the treadmill. She says she varies her treadmill exercises so that she won’t get bored easily. She runs lightly during the first few minutes on the treadmill and the intensity increases in the succeeding minutes. She also runs forward and backward on the treadmill to work out the different muscle groups of her legs.

Hewitt’s celebrity workout requires her to use a kettlebell. She performs numerous exercises using the said equipment. She begins with one-arm military presses using an 18-pound kettlebell. Military presses helped Jennifer to develop a toned shoulder. She follows this exercise with bicep curls, this time with a lighter kettlebell weighing 15 pounds. She also performs squats using 18-pound kettlebells. Jennifer even performs jumps with 15-pound bells for three sets with 15 repetitions. She ends her workout with full-body planks which she holds for a minute.

Jennifer knows that a full-body workout is important if she wants a sexier body. She didn’t just concentrate on her upper body but also did a lot of exercises targeting her lower torso. She would often perform lunges on each leg, doing 25 repetitions and three sets. Jennifer also did a lot of donkey kicks to tone her core and inner thighs.

Even without a personal training services personnel monitoring her every move, Jennifer worked out on her own. She allotted 40 minutes for her cardio exercises like swimming, inclined jogging on the treadmill and her favorite activity, roller skating. After 40 minutes, she rests for a while and then works out her upper body by doing push-ups, bicycle crunches and planks.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Diet Plan

Diet is very important in Jennifer’s weight loss program. Her personal trainer made sure she took in a maximum of 1500 calories daily. This made her lose weight quickly. When she was able to gain her ideal weight, her trainer allowed her to go back to 1800 calories. According to her trainer, Jennifer was allowed to munch on whole grains before 2 or 3 in the afternoon to sustain her energy levels. The strategy was also aimed at preventing her from eating late at night. She ate a lot of fruits, vegetables and protein-rich foods like seafood.

Jennifer’s typical breakfast feature servings of mixed fruits like grapefruit, strawberries, orange and blueberries. She also ate yogurt and cottage cheese in the morning. When she gets hungry at midday, she would eat apple with natural peanut butter. For lunch, Jennifer often consumed turkey sandwich with vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes spread with mayonnaise and mustard. For snacks in the afternoon, she was often eating cheese cubes and mixed carrots and broccoli. For dinner, Jennifer’s sample meal is roasted chicken or fish with vegetables and mushroom.