Jessica Alba workout for Fantastic Four

Jessica Alba’s Workout and Diet Routine for Fantastic Four

Bio-Thirty-year old actress Jessica Alba is one of the sexiest ladies to grace the big screen. Jessica has that girl-next-door charm but it is her body that has made millions of guys swoon. She first came to our consciousness as the lead actress in the hit TV series Dark Angel, then followed by a lead role in the movie “Honey.” But it is her role as the Invisible Woman in the film adaptation of the Marvel Comics iconic heroes, Fantastic Four. While the movies “Fantastic Four” released in 2005 and “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” released two years later were mild hits, Jessica made her mark on the movies with her charming on-screen presence. While Jessica has been quite hesitant on being labeled as a sex symbol, it is difficult to contest such tag given her amazing body sculpted by following celebrity fitness programs.

Jessica’s Workout and Exercise Routine

Jessica incorporates a lot of weight training and cardio workouts to get in the best shape possible. She shares that she begins her workout by doing 10 minutes of cardio. She jogs lightly in the treadmill for the first 2 minutes then runs fast in the next six minutes before jogging lightly again in the last 2 minutes.

After her cardio workout routine, Jessica performs weight training by doing three sets of dumbbell raises. She uses 3-lb dumbbells for exercises like reverse flys and lateral shoulder raises. She also performs alternating lunges and bicep curls. After a brief rest, Alba goes back to the treadmill for more cardio activities. She limits her time in the treadmill by doing just a quick, five-minute session. She jogs lightly for the first 30 seconds then sprints in the next 30 minutes, alternating the exercises until the fifth minute mark.

Jessica then rests for a bit then performs more weight training exercises. She goes back to using the dumbbells to perform exercises like triceps dips, chest presses, squats and shoulder presses. She again goes back to the treadmill to perform another quick, five-minute cardio workout alternating jogging and sprinting on the said equipment.

Jessica’s voluptuous body can be credited to her dedication to working out her core. She worked out her abs by doing exercises like bicycle crunches, reverse crunches and plank. Likewise, Jessica knows that overdoing exercises can do more harm to the body, so she rests every other day to recuperate tired muscles. She also plays a lot of golf and swims a lot during the days she is not working out.

One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Jessica admits she is always motivated to work out even for just 45 minutes a day. She says working out helps her to stay focused and happy. But she also admits that she doesn’t like to go the gym because of things like television, magazines and mp3 players that distract her.

Jessica Alba’s Top Secret Diet Plan Tips

Any workout plan will not be successful if not paired with a diet program. Jessica Alba has been able to maintain a curvaceous body because she is in control of her food intake as well. She prefers to skip junk food and eating low calorie foods like fruits and vegetables. She also has the discipline not to overeat at restaurants. Jessica hates eating foods rich in carbohydrates, and she is often seen skipping pastas, bagels, breads and desserts. However, she does treat herself once in a while to sweets like her favorite chocolate cake. Although Jessica is fond of cooking, she makes sure she only prepares healthy and nutritious foods and not calorie-rich food items.

Though there’s no secret to the food she eats, the typical diet of Jessica includes lots of fruits, vegetables, lean meat and low fat cheese. It is normal for her to eat a cup of oatmeal with berries and scrambled egg whites for breakfast and consume salad with salmon, chicken breast and tuna for lunch. For dinner, she is often seen eating sashimi, vegetables and small red potatoes. During snack time, Jessica prefers to chomp on popcorn and almonds. These are very complementary to fitness workout plans.