Jessica Biel Workout Routine for The A-Team

Jessica Biel Workout, Diet and Exercise Plan for The A-Team

Bio-Jessica Biel is consistently ranked as among the sexiest Hollywood stars. This actress who is also a part-time model and singer first captured the imagination of fans with her portrayal of Mary Camden in the TV series 7th Heaven. She easily crossed over to movies with her roles in hits like The Chainsaw Massacre, The Illusionist, Stealth and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Jessica Biel also starred in the action-comedy hit The A-Team. To prepare herself for the role, Jessica Biel worked with a female personal trainer. She incorporated weight training exercises, a lot of cardio exercises and strict diet in order to reach her desired weight. With her attractive body it is no wonder that her beau, singer-actor Justin Timberlake, is madly in love with her.

Jessica Biel Workout Routine

Before reporting to the production of The A-Team, Biel made sure that she would be in perfect shape. She increased her cardio exercises to burn off unwanted calories and lower her body fat percentage. She would normally engage in sprints ranging as short as 50 meters to as much as 200 meters. She would also increase the frequency of her cardio exercises to lose as much weight as possible.

Biel typically begins her cardio exercise by spending five minutes on the treadmill, bike or elliptical. She then goes to circuit training by alternating 10 reps of strength training moves like walking lunges, back extensions and hanging leg lifts with a minute or two of moderate cardio exercises. In doing intense cardio, Biel spends a minute or two in the treadmill with moderate resistance according to her female personal trainer.


Biel also engaged in a lot of plyometrics exercises to complement her cardio workout. Plyometrics are special exercises that aim to boost speed and strength. These exercises are highly intensive. Some of the more common plyometrics exercises are jumps, hops and bounding movements, also a good buttocks workout.

Biel used a combination of exercises in doing plyometrics. She would often run up the stairs, varying the steps a bit. She would first touch each stair with one step, until she skips a stair to make the task more difficult. She also engaged in standing long jump and jumping over a balloon on one foot.

Weight Training

Aside from plyometrics and cardio exercises, Biel also engaged in weight training, particularly circuit training. Jessica mixed exercises like squats, burpees and chest press for her weight training. She then follows these exercises with lunges and chin ups. Biel would normally allot 45 minutes for her weight training workout.

Jessica is known for her curves and she credits an exercise called the Russian Twist for this. As any female personal trainer would note, the Russian Twist is effective in toning the waist. To do this exercise, Biel sits down on the mat and leans back. She holds a medicine ball and then twists from side to side. She often performs this routine in three sets with 15 repetitions to strengthen her arms and body.

Jessica spent four days of her week for 30 minute-interval training. She usually spent her Mondays and Fridays doing cardio exercises while doing strength training with cardio exercises during Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other exercises she did during these days include crunches, pushups, sit-ups, squat jumps and side bridges. She rested during Wednesday and spent her weekends doing her favorite sport.

Jessica Biel Diet Plan

Aside from regularly exercising, Biel was also meticulous with her celebrity diet. She followed a strict diet for six days, giving her Sunday as her cheat day. During Sundays, Biel was allowed to indulge in her favorite foods.

Biel’s diet consisted of foods rich in complex carbohydrates like oatmeal and whole wheat bread with almond butter for breakfast; fish, vegetables and rice for dinner. She eats fruits like apples, bananas and strawberries for snacks. She occasionally eats something sweet like dark chocolate at the end of the day. Biel also made it a point not to consume carbohydrates 2-3 hours before sleeping, keeping her carbohydrate consumption during this time of the day.