Jessica Simpson Workout for Dukes of Hazzard

Diet, Workout, and Exercise Plan for Duke of Hazards

Bio-Pop star Jessica Simpson owns one of the most curvaceous bodies in the world. This singer and part-time actress made her debut in the big screen in the 2005 film, “Dukes of Hazzard.” Two years later, she starred opposite Luke Wilson in the romantic comedy Blonde Ambition. In preparation for the movie, Jessica embarked on an diet and exercise program that made her sexier and more attractive. She signed up for one-on-one personal training to motivate her in her weight-loss goal.  She worked with celebrity fitness guru Mike Alexander who formulated her celebrity fitness program and guided her exercise routine.

Jessica Simpson Workout Routine

While blessed with a sexy body, Jessica knew that she had to hit the gym to maintain her figure. Aside from her attractive mug, Jessica was known for her slender body. Hitting her mid-20s, Jessica worked harder to ensure that she won’t lose her physical gifts. She allocated an hour for weight training and half an hour for aerobic exercises. She preferred to do a lot of squats and lunges that helped her in toning her thighs and buttocks. She aimed for muscle toning and endurance so she used light weights for the said exercises. Lighter weights resulted to more toned and shapely legs (Jessica’s leg workout secret). It also prevented her from developing big muscles. The exercises also made her backside curvaceous as the workout built extra muscles on her gluteus.

Typical workout 

Thanks to her one-on-one personal training, Jessica became a gym rat. She was always motivated to finish her exercises no matter how hard the routines were. According to Jessica, her typical one hour and 30 minutes workout in the gym begins with her running on the treadmill. She allocates nearly 10 minutes on the machine, running at 6.5 miles an hour to warm up her legs for the intensive leg exercises later on.

After her cardio workout, Jessica proceeds to her weight training exercises. She begins with bodyweight squats which she does for a couple of sets in 25 repetitions. She then follows it up with dumbbell rows and reverse lunges in 2-3 sets with 12 lunges per leg. She also performs squat jumps and bicep curls while standing. After resting for a while, Jessica does lateral raises and dumbbell triceps extension. She then goes back to the treadmill, running again for eight minutes. The second half of her weight training program begins with 20 repetitions of incline crunches and 2 sets of prone kneeling leg extensions. She cools down by doing light jogging on the treadmill before finishing her workout with 3 sets of forward lunges and walking lunges.

Jessica Simpson’s Diet secrets

Ever since she was young, Jessica had eaten a lot of fruits and vegetables. She also was not much of a junk food addict which explains why she has a young looking skin and shapely body. Before she worked with her trainer for one-on-one personal training, Jessica was disciplined with her diet. She ate mostly seafood, chicken, asparagus and broccoli. She also preferred sugar-less iced tea. Interestingly, she also skipped desserts.

During the three months that Jessica spent in Baton Rougefor the shooting of the film, her trainer lived near her to monitor her every meal. Bread was forbidden from being served in Jessica’s table.

Years after Jessica worked out for her role in Dukes of Hazzard, she embarked on an ambitious plan to take on a vegan diet. Vegan diet has always been proven effective in managing weight. The vegan diet was also aimed at ensuring Jessica would be able to maintain her sexy figure after she gave birth and reached her 30s.

The Amazing Results

Thanks to the workout plan and diet program introduced by her personal trainer, Jessica was able to increase her muscle tone in areas like her legs, arms and abs. The workout program also further made her curves more noticeable. While she has kept a low profile in Hollywood in the past few years, Jessica remains as sexy as ever by following her trainer’s workout plan.