Kate Beckinsale – Underworld

Kate Beckinsale Workout, Diet and Exercise Routine for Underworld

Bio-Kate Beckinsale was born on July 26, 1973 in London. The English actress started her acting journey in the 1990’s with roles in dramas like Cold Comfort Farm, Much Ado About Nothing and Emma. Kate’s breakthrough movie role came in the 2001 film, Pearl Harbor. The actress’ other notable big-budget movie roles include The Aviator, The Underworld films and Van Helsing. Beckinsale has also performed in smaller independent movies like Everybody’s Fine and Winged Creatures. In 2008, Kate received a Critic’s Choice Award nomination for her role in Nothing But The Truth. Kate Beckinslae currently has three movie roles set for 2012 that include Underworld 4, Contraband and Total Recall.

The 2003 action horror film, Underworld depicts Kate Beckinsale as Selene, a vampire who hunts the Lycans in the movie. The action piece was filmed on a 22 million dollar budget and earned over 95 million dollars internationally. Her role in the film required Beckinsale to wear tight fitting outfits, so the actress had to look as lean and toned as possible before filming. Kate turned to celebrity personal trainer, Ramona Braganza to whip her body into stunning shape. Braganza has been noted to work with celebrities like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Amanda Seyfried. Kate’s trainer threw a blend of training styles to lean and sculpt her physique.

Kate Beckinsale Workout

Although the celebrity admits she’s not particularly a fan of exercising, Kate stepped up to the plate before filming of the Underworld movie to get her body into awesome shape. Her personal trainer, Ramona Braganza put together his trademark workout program called the 321 training method. This program consists of three parts cardio exercises typically lasting 30 minutes or so, two parts circuit training, which is a high intensity minimal rest workout and one part core strengthening and stability exercises. Her trainer reported that she preferred single leg exercises and kicks rather than jumping or explosive moves to shape her leg muscles.

In addition to this workout plan, Kate also performed yoga-training sessions to increase her flexibility and core strength. To sharpen the actress’ fighting skills she also took part in boxing and martial arts training routine. Kate and her trainer normally hit the gym around 3 or 5pm after her filming sessions. To date the actress keeps up a regular four day a week training program to maintain her amazing physique.

Kate Beckinsale Diet Plan

To help in Kate’s body fat reducing, lean muscle-building goals, her trainer put her on a zone diet. Braganza reports, it’s all about consuming the right food selections at the optimum time. Beckinsale’s diet consisted of lean meats for protein, vegetables and complex carbohydrates to fuel her body during the long filming hours and training as well as heart healthy, monounsaturated fats. Her diet is quite common for most people and truly is the most effective eating plan to accomplish real muscle building and fat reducing success. Kate’s eating schedule called for frequent meals spread apart every two to three hours to allow her to sustain a fast metabolism. Although the actress followed the diet program carefully, she admits that if she feels the need to eat something that’s not so great she does. However, the actress makes up for it in her home gym.

Kate’s celebrity workout routine proves yet again that circuit training combined with cardio exercises is the most popular and most effective workout method for building lean muscle and burning body fat. What’s great about circuit training is that it doesn’t require a whole bunch of your time. With the limited rest periods in between exercises, your workout can be over in 30 minutes or less. If your seeking a body like Kate’s, it’s recommended you give circuit training a try.