Linda Hamilton – Terminator 2

Linda Hamilton Workout, Diet & Exercise Routine for Terminator 2

Bio-Linda Hamilton, the actress widely known for her role as Sarah Connor in the Terminator movie series was born on September 26, 1956 in Salisbury, Maryland. In addition to her Terminator roles, Sarah gained celebrity status in the television series Beauty and The Beast, which was nominated for two Golden Globes and an Emmy. You may have also seen Linda recently as Mary Elizabeth Bartowski, in her recurring role on the NBC television series Chuck. Linda also took the lead part in Stephen King’s horror film Children Of The Corn. Her acting career continues to press on in the Showtime television show Weeds, as the drug supplier for the main character of the show.

The 1991 action film Terminator 2 was perhaps the one film that catapulted Linda’s career as she played Sarah Conner in the movie. Her character, Sarah and her son strived to prevent judgement day, the day in which machines were to kill off human kind. The hit blockbuster took in 519 million dollars worldwide. To prepare for the badass, take no prisoners female role Linda had to pack on lean muscle and cut her body fat percentage. Linda needed to break away from the traditional female physique and become a lean mean fighting machine.

The actress turned to Anthony Cortes, the famous personal trainer who also helped Edward Norton bulk up for his role in American History X. Linda’s trainer put together an intense training regime that consisted of running, swimming, stair running, weight training, trampoline exercises and other various drills that allowed the actress to shed 12 pounds of body fat. What is astounding about the actress is she got into stunning shape just 20 months after giving birth and continued her smoking habit all throughout her training. When asked about her cigarette habit, she explained that she felt no negative effects while working out so she simply kept the habit. With the aid of her personal trainer, Linda worked out three hours a day six days a week. By the end of the T2 Linda Hamilton workout program, Linda now looked like the true Sarah Conner that screenwriters imagined.

Linda Hamilton Workout Routine

To transform her physique into the image of Sarah Conner, Linda took part in a 3 hour a day, six day a week intense training regimen. Her training days led by trainer Anthony Cortez included long distance running and cycling mixed with swimming and grueling stair runs. To increase the actress’ lean muscle mass, Cortez pushed her through total body resistance training workouts that included walking lunges, push-ups, and military presses. To get Linda’s abdominals lean and defined, she performed an intense abdominal training routine each day. Cortez mixed it up with various mini-trampoline exercises to elevate her heart rate and develop her lower body.

In addition to the traditional exercise program, Linda participated in an intense martial arts program to increase her fat burning and stamina. What’s interesting is that the Terminator actress sought out an Israeli commando instructor that worked with her on her fighting skills and basic soldier training routines. This also helped her get into amazing shape and prepare her for the role of the female hard nose in the movie. At the conclusion of her training program, the now 112-pound actress could perform 85-pound bench presses for multiple repetitions and run for eight miles without becoming extremely fatigued. Linda definitely turned into the tough woman that she was about to portray on the big screen.

Linda Hamilton Diet Plan

To aid in the body fat reduction and muscle building process, Linda was put on a high protein, non-fat diet that consisted of cereal with skim milk, lean chicken for clean protein, and dry salads with lots of green vegetables. The protein was extremely important for the actress, because of protein’s ability to build lean muscle and increase metabolism for fat burning. Her regimen of cereal provided Linda with carbohydrates, which fueled the actress’ body for the challenging workouts and long hours of filming. The significance of her prescribed no fat diet was to prevent excess fat storage which females are often prone to face, especially after childbirth. The energy and nutrient packed eating plan help tremendously with her progress for sure.

Linda proved to female movie viewers everywhere that women can not only get into shape after having children but that women can lift weights without getting excessively big or bulky. Through her mixed bag Linda Hamilton workout training, Linda sculpted and shaped her body into a lean, athletic specimen.