Lucy Liu – Charlie’s Angels

Lucy Liu Workout, Diet & Exercise Routine Charlie’s Angels

Bio-Lucy Alexis Liu was born on December 2, 1968 in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York. Liu started acting in 1989 in the lead role of the University of Michigan’s production of Alice In Wonderland. What’s interesting is that she only auditioned for a supporting role yet got the nod for the starring part. Lucy followed that performance by landing small roles in various films and television that included The X-Files and Hercules. Lucy gained notoriety for her role of the mean Ling Woo in the television series, Allye Mcbal, which aired from 1998 to 2002. The actress also played the role of O-Ren Ishii, one of the major villains in the 2003 Quentin Tarantino movie, Kill Bill. She won an MTV award for Best Movie Villain for her role in that movie. Liu also took to producing her own films with her 3 Needles movie that was released on December 2006. Lucy’s other notable movie roles include Charlie’s Angels, Chicago, Kill Bill, and Kung Fu Panda.

The 2000 American action-comedy film Charlie’s Angels is directed by McG and depicts Lucy Liu as Alex Munday. The film is based on the late 1970’s television series of the same name. Charlie’s Angles received so much success that a sequel was released in 2003 named Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. The film was produced on a 75 million dollar budget and earned over 264 million at the international box offices. Lui’s role required a lot of hand-to-hand fighting during filming so she turned to martial arts experts from Hong Kong as well as performing aerobic kickboxing training.

Lucy Liu Workout & Martial Arts Training

Lucy Liu had already followed a regular exercise program before filming the Charlie’s Angels movie. The actress reported that she does cardio on a treadmill for 30 to 40 minutes a day. She also went on to say that she prefers working out outdoors by going for jogs. What’s interesting is that Liu also does a training style named Cardio Striptease. This training method includes low-impact aerobic exercise that is choreographed with real life strip club movements.

In order for her to look like a true fighting pro on screen, Lucy hired the help of Chinese martial arts expert, Yuen Chung Yan who pushed her through intense six to eight hour workouts each day. In addition the martial arts training, she also added aerobic kickboxing to her training program to assist her in improving her fighting skills and stamina.

Lucy Liu has always had it easy when it comes to staying thin. The actress reported that she doesn’t believe in dieting. Instead, Liu carefully watches her portion sizes and does not restrict herself of any kind of food. The successful actress admits that she will eat just about anything. Lucy does enjoy Japanese and Chinese dishes that typically consist of grilled fish, vegetables and skewers of chicken and prawns. Her dietary habits are quite uncommon, however to date I believe it has worked for her. For her role in the Charlie’s Angels movie it really wasn’t about dropping body fat. Instead her focus was on increasing her stamina, strength, speed and fighting skills.

The actress and film producer truly made a big name for herself when she played in the Charlie’s Angels movie. The consistently slim movie star again proves that maintaining a regular celebrity exercise program helps to ensure a healthy and slim body for years to come. Additionally, her discipline with meal portion sizes continues to assist her in remaining sleek and fit. For anyone wanting to look like Liu, remember once you get in shape it’s imperative to maintain a life-long exercise and diet program.