Sigourney Weaver – Aliens

Siqourney Weaver Workout, Diet and Training for Aliens

Bio-Sigourney Weaver was born on October 8, 1949 in the New York City borough of Manhattan. The American born actress is best known for her starring roles in the Alien movies where she plays the character Ellen Ripley. Weaver’s other notable performances include the Ghostbusters movies, Gorillas In The Mist, The Ice Storm, Working Girl, Death And The Maiden, Prayers For Bobby and Avatar. Sigourney received three Academy Award nominations for her performances in the 1996 movie Aliens, Gorillas In The Mist, and Working Girl both coming in 1998. She actually won two Golden Globe Awards for her performances in Gorillas In The Mist and Working Girl. Weaver is best noted for her many science fiction and fantasy movie roles.

The 1986 sci-fi action movie Aliens was directed by James Cameron. The movie was the follow-up sequel to the 1979 original film, Alien. The sequel was produced on an 18 million dollar budget and brought in over 131 million dollars in box offices all over the world. Aliens received seven Academy Award nominations and depicted Weaver as Ellen Ripley. In the movie the director, Cameron wanted the actors to carry around genuine, 70 lb. guns throughout the four months of training to truly capture the actor’s straining. To prepare her body for the rigorous filming and endurance, Sigourney turned to a blend of pilates and weight training to increase her muscular strength.

Sigourney Weaver Diet & Training for the Blockbuster hit Aliens

To increase her muscular strength and core stabilization, Sigourney used pilates which strengthened her back and core in order to carry the heavy guns during filming of the movie. What’s more is that the actress increased her height by an inch through her pilates training. Another benefit from her Pilates regimen is the increased overall joint mobility that the actress experienced. To further strengthen her muscles, Sigourney engaged in a regular weight-training program. Her resistance training consisted of compound exercises that targeted multiple muscle groups to perform the specific movement. Weaver’s compound exercises included dumbbell chest presses, squats, shoulder presses, and rows. By pairing the two training methods, Sigourney developed the overall muscular strength and balance she needed to endure the intense four-month filming.

What’s different from most other movie star body-prepping programs is that Sigourney did not take part in any special diet. The successful actress goes on to note that her lean and muscular physique stems from moderate exercise and sensible eating habits. This is very rare to hear from celebrity actresses and most other individuals alike. Her lack of special diet program adherence goes to prove that consistent healthy eating habits can promote life-long lean body results. Weaver admits she practices eating small portions and limits the amount of unhealthy foods she takes in. The actress goes on to inform that she strives for a balance between dining out and eating meals at her home. Although extremely unique, Weaver’s consistent and moderate dietary practices have allowed her to carry lower body fat percentages and preserve lean muscle mass throughout the years.

The Aliens movie series star’s moderate exercise and dietary habits are perhaps the most unique out of the celebrity lineup. Sigourney Weaver’s consistent training and eating habits has allowed her to defy the norm when it comes to transforming your physique pre-filming. Whatever the case, the Aliens actress endured and prospered through the intense four month, heavy gun carrying filming process. Even as the actress matures into her 60’s, she continues to maintain a lean, sculpted and muscular movie actress physique. Weaver proves to females everywhere that you don’t need to engage in an intense routine, instead by following a consistent, life-long diet and exercise program can yield impressive results for years to come.