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Fitness fusion classes are a great way to get a work out while remaining entertained and not becoming bored with your routine. Fitness fusion places a spin on traditional exercises to help make working out more fun and better for you. The problem that sometimes occurs for people with working out is that they tend to do the same motions over and over again and it becomes routine and boring. This will then deter the person from working out because they are no longer entertained and it is just a repeat of process. Fusion classes prevent this by incorporating a variety of different focus areas such as: conditioning, cardio, boxing, pilates, yoga, swimming, cycling, and more. The idea behind everything is to make the workout quick and also effective.


There are different types of fusion workouts which include the following:

1. Piloxing – This workout is becoming very popular and even hitting the celebrity stream. his workout type incorporates boxing and also pilates for an amazing fat burning workout.

2. Tread – This is a type of fusion workout that includes running and strength training. These classes are high in energy and are also performed in classes jumpstarting your metabolism.

3. Soulcycle – This workout is another popular celebrity workout which Kelly Ripa personally loves. This is a hybrid class that involves cycling and also strength training.

4. Turbo Kick – This fusion class is a mix of dancing and also kickboxing. This workout is a challenging and nice cardiovascular workout.

5. Booty Barre – This is the most popular type of fusion workout and includes pilates, yoga, and dance all in one. This workout is a nice workout which improves strength, cardio, and also burns fat.


Fusion Fitness is a great and fun way to workout which includes different workouts combined into one. You can get the most out of your workout routine by following a fusion fitness plan. There are a few reasons why you should consider trying fusion classes.

1. You can move in new ways which you have not before and become more flexible.

2. Save time.

3. You are experiencing something new that you haven’t tried before.

4. The classes are fun and also engaging.

5. Best of all, you will lose weight throughout the classes.

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