Jennifer Hudson Transformation Into Winnie Mandela

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Jennifer Hudson as  Winnie MandelaJennifer Hudson is definitely no stranger to adversity, having stood strong through her sudden rise from social anonymity to celebrity superstardom, always remaining true to herself and allowing nothing to taint her bright demeanor. Even throughout the extreme grief experienced when losing her mother and brother to a senseless homicide, as well the consequent murder of her nephew Julian, Jennifer has held composure, remained professional and allowed her strength of character and raw talent to drive her to success. Despite the horrific occurrence involving her loved ones in 2008, that very year saw Jennifer overcome her personal problems regarding body weight, through it all rising to claim the accolade of Weight Watcher spokesperson. Her role as Winnie Mandela called upon more personal power and required more weight to be lost. The ever-glamorous Ms. Hudson did not disappoint!

Jennifer has come a long way from the earlier stigma and social stereotyping she was at first subject to when appearing as an overlooked contestant on American Idol. When this tenacious star first claimed the title of Weight Watchers spokesperson she did so whilst flaunting 56 pounds of weight loss, a far sight from being referred to as the big girl of American Idol, as was common when first appearing in the media. Jennifer has always followed a healthy method of weight loss, staying away from crash diets which often cause more harm than good. Her journey to slim and trim has not always been a sharp and steady story of losing those pounds, she has had her ups and downs but has always remained focused on maintaining a healthy state of being, not just maintaining a narrow waistline. Another tip top remember is that Jennifer is a firm believer that weight loss is not resultant of dieting or exercise alone, it is rather a combination of both all active implementations. Weight loss is a lifestyle change!

Winnie Mandela Official Trailer

This multi-talented individual proved her ability to take control of her weight and health yet again when assuming the role of Winnie Mandela, ex-wife of the late Nelson Mandela – freedom fighter and pillar of strength for human equality. When first taking on this challenging role Jennifer was required to lose the weight gained from her pregnancy. The task of losing the weight did not bother her in the slightest, the only factor weighing on her mind was the responsibility of accurately portraying such a unique and prominent figure from the past. The persona to be enacted not only pushed her as an actress in terms of outward beauty and inner strength, there were many other challenges faced as well. The native language of Xhosa had its speech mannerisms conveyed to Ms. Hudson. Not only were the challenges of motherhood, conventional acting and health juggled, but language barriers and cultural differences had to be faced as well.

Jennifer Hudson first appeared in the premier of ”Winnie Mandela” in 2011 at the Toronto Film Festival. The weight loss needed to portray a young Winnie Mandela saw Jennifer enlisting a personal trainer by the name of Harley Pasternak. Many critics look at this act with disdain however what they fail to realize is that prior to her current size 6 frame, every other dress size along the way that she dropped was through nothing but her own hard work and dedication. Jennifer Hudson clearly shows why the masterminds behind the Weight Watchers program chose her to represent their cause. Over a period of five years Jennifer managed to drop a total of ten dress sizes and well over eighty pounds. Not once has she allowed her health to suffer and nothing has stopped this talented actress from achieving her goals. For those who are extremely curious or who wish to learn more of her fantastic story there is an autobiography available detailing her weight loss journey. The coming of 2014 rewarded Jennifer with the People’s Choice Awards favorite humanitarian award. The justification for this appreciation of her true positive nature became crystal clear when received by Ms. Hudson, appearing before the crowds slimmer than ever! The moment of receiving this touching award has been said to be the only warm, heartfelt appearance of the night. Impressive in all regards, Ms. Hudson is a great example for all woman across the world and a stellar role model for all those looking to transform their body and lose unnecessary weight.

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