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“Dallas Buyers Club” is a feature film carrying the history of one of the most important struggles to have recently been addressed by modern medicine, and all of society, in its totality: AIDS. In order to accurately reflect the physique and general horrid physical condition of a sufferer diagnosed with thirty days of life left, Matthew McConaughey carried out drastic changes to his diet, habits and exercise regime. Through his extreme measures, Matthew managed to drop approximately 38 pounds within the seemingly impossible period of just five weeks. This necessary transformation helped McConaughey to accurately portray the life of one of the most influential people in the history of AIDS research, treatment and acceptance; Ron Woodroof

Matthew McConaughey Dallas Buyers ClubThe early 1980s in the U.S. is remembered fondly by many people, for many different things. However, as is the paradox of life, this period does not hold only sunshine-and-roses in its wake, there is persecution and sorrow too. Many suffering individuals lead a life of persecution at the hands of fickle, fixed and homophobic sociological structure and state officiating regiment. This led by a president who believed the AIDS epidemic to be caused by, and affecting only, those of homosexual orientation. Vice president George H.W. Bush was an open supporter of the belief that AIDS is a consequence of homosexual lifestyle and sexual interaction. He even went on to declare that those who did not wish to be afflicted by the outbreak of AIDS (1981 forward), should simply change their behavior and not keep waiting for a state healthcare solution to the problem. At the time mortuaries were not even accepting burial or cremation of the remains of homosexuals. Medical care as an industry never even held such high regard for the dead, they would toss out bodies in plastic bags (unmarked and un-identified) should the cause of death be discovered to be AIDS related! The death of over 40,000 people in the U.S. during the period of the outbreak that started in 81′, spurred action by an individual named Ron Woodroof. This heterosexual AIDS sufferer was diagnosed with thirty days to live and his consequent fearless actions paved the way for the modern treatment, research and understanding of this misfortunate condition.

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In order to facilitate the lightning-quick weight loss, McConaughey limited his calorie intake to an amount relative to the amount of calories burned through the exercise carried out. The exact diet that this star followed, has never been detailed in its specifics but Matthew did hint that it involved a staple supply of tapioca pudding! Cardiovascular exercise is known to be the choice of physical stimulation carried out, however McConaughey attributes 90% of his weight loss to the diet followed, not the exercise regimen enforced. One of the biggest difficulties during weight loss, encountered by our devoted method actor was a situation he referred to as plateaus. Upon reaching certain measurements of body weight a certain level of fatigue was felt, equating to roughly a 30% drop in general energy levels by McConaughey. In order to lose more weight once reaching these “plateaus”, during which it felt impossible to lose more weight than lost, a complete change of eating habits / diet was necessarily enforced.

Devotion to the art of acting shines clear through the brilliant Matthew McConaughey. His passion for the portrayal of a persona drove him to use his very own health as a tool to help the audience connect, forming an emotional bond rather than just watching a story unfold.. The amount of weight lost in such a short period of time should not be attempted without strict medical observation, this which superstar McConaughey had ample of. Want to emulate this mammoth drop in weight? Give it a go! Just be sure to check your vitals with a doctor qualified to do so, self-evaluation is not the wisest!

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