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Fluctuating your very own body weight at will, rapidly gaining or dropping weight, is an exercise that not many people can stake claim to. Tom Hanks however is an exception to this rule and his career has seen him adjusting his weight quite often. The one role which has received the highest publicity and “buzz” regarding weight is that of Chuck Noland, survivor of a plane crash and marooned on an island without any form of human interaction whatsoever.

Tom Hanks Castaway WorkoutOne of the most mystifying transformations seen in modern motion picture is that of Tom Hank’s true-to-life depiction and embodiment of a man from good health to near starvation, seen in the 1993 Hollywood blockbuster “Castaway”. Here Hanks both gained and lost weight over the course of two years. The only way that the true vision of this tale of being stranded on a deserted island could convey the utmost realism was to allow shooting to take place over the course of two years. The first year involved Tom Hanks increasing his calorie intake, not exercising and basically just letting himself go. He, in total, gained roughly fifty pounds during the first year of production. This made certain that he filled the role of a slightly overweight Fed-Ex employee perfectly and set the stage for the accurate depiction that followed. The fifty pounds that was at first gained was shed throughout the period of the second year of shooting. This resulted in a realistic and memorable cinema experience giving the viewer a much closer concept of the physiological repercussions of four years alone on an island.

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Weight loss and gain brought much acclaim and media focus to the life of this unique entertainer. Hank’s early role in the baseball feature film “A League of Their Own” saw him packing on weight, reaching a total of 225 pounds, in order to portray an aging jock in the beginning stages of developing a “wider” midriff area. This journey to a fuller figure came just a year after Tom recovered from a role in the insightful Philadelphia, another feat of amazing motivation and dedication for his art and occupation. Tom lost 26 pounds to successfully fill the role of a homosexual male, dyeing from the affliction of AIDS. One thing that has never remained constant for the talented Tom Hanks is his total body weight, but not by personal preference! Hanks was recently drawn back into the lime-light because of factors relating to weight. His type 2 diabetes diagnosis was quickly seen as the result of his forced weight control. This notion holds no truth, the only injury that Hank has ever warned of when picking up or losing weight is the strain placed on your joints. The misdiagnosis of the cause of his diabetes has been confirmed by his doctor, but this alone has not stopped embellished gossip from spreading.

Weight gain and weight loss, like any other part of basic human function, comes with both risks and rewards. During the process of losing weight for Philadelphia, his co-star Denzel Washington was in the process of doing the exact opposite of Hanks, he was trying to gain weight. It is well known that this led to the gorging of chocolate in front of Tom (close to the point of starvation no less!). Over the course of the illustrious career of a Hollywood superstar such as Tom Hanks, one can but think of the numerous trials, challenges and other factors to test your mettle, all of which were overcome by this talented actor! Envying your co-star’s chocolate may seem difficult enough, but I am quite certain that Tom had other demons to face… His drive and motivation is clear throughout each of his roles, regardless of which hurdles he found himself faced with. Tom shows us that dedication, motivation and a fervent desire to fully achieve your goals is all that is needed in order to persevere and take control. Controlling your weight is but one aspect, but the value of a start should never be underestimated.

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